Expert SkinCare Routine In Summer 2022

Expert SkinCare Routine In Summer 2022. Getting fresh oil-free skin during the summer is a big challenge. The oil glands work overtime in the summer due to the heat and humidity, creating additional oils and leaving your skin sticky. Every day before you leave the house and every night when you go to bed, wash your face & neck with a light wash. Dress smartly, eat balanced and stay hydrated.

Expert SkinCare Routine In Summer 2022

Here is the ultimate guide to skincare routine in the summer practice.

Cleanser is the ideal practice

Our skin can get extremely oily as the air is warm and humid. To be honest, you might notice that you sweat so much in the summer than you do in other seasons. While mask laws may have changed, you may still be compelled to wear a safe face mask in certain situations. If this is the case, you won’t want to leave all of the extra oil and sweat on your skin for days on end. Cleaning each day with a foamy face cleanser is the ideal skincare practice for keeping summer skin sleek but hydrated.

Exfoliate regularly

Summer skin might be oily, but if you don’t exfoliate regularly, it can become dry and lifeless. Don’t think exfoliating with a face scrub is the only way to go; a glycolic acid-based chemical exfoliation serum can help remove dead skin cells that produce dull, lifeless skin. It’ll even out your skin tone, lessen the appearance of dark spots, and reduce wrinkles over time. Just make sure your sunscreen application is on point.

Note: Exfoliating more than twice a week might cause tightness and cracking of the skin. Sunburned skin should not be exfoliated.

Try a water-based moisturizer for summer skincare

During the hot summer months, you won’t need as much moisture as you would in the winter. Use a water-based, lightweight moisturiser twice a day instead.

Note: Keep your summer moisturiser light and SPF-protected.

Apply sunscreen frequently

Wear sunscreen if you do nothing for your skin this summer.

Look for sunscreens that include the following features:

  • SPF of at least 30
  • broad-spectrum defence
  • protection for the lips

Note: In order to lower your skin damage, you must apply sunscreen every day, regardless of the weather. Look for a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen and repeat every 2 hours. Don’t forget to pay attention to your lips as well!

Expert SkinCare Routine In Summer 2022

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Make your makeup less heavy

Wearing a lot of makeup on hot days can feel like a waste of time. Your makeup will also come off easier if you sweat. Adjust your makeup routine to fit the season. The rest is good for your skin.

“Less makeup allows the skin to breathe,” says a skin expert.

It’s similar to how not wearing socks allows your feet to breathe while sleeping. Makeup has the potential to block your pores.”

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Note: For the best makeup and sunscreen combination, use a tinted moisturiser with SPF 30+. When using powdered sunscreens, make sure to follow the guidelines carefully. Before you apply the powder, flip it over and give it 3 hard taps to make sure there’s enough powder on the brush.

Expert SkinCare Routine In Summer 2022

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Don’t wash your face all the time

When it’s hot outside, you may feel compelled to continuously wash your face or shower. It is strongly discouraged by experts.

“Your body produces natural moisturising elements that help to keep water in the skin,” says the author. “Washing those away can dry the top layer of the skin.”

Instead, they recommend showering only once a day, especially after exercise. In the morning and at night, wash your face with a moderate cleanser and lukewarm water. After sweat activities, you can also shower with lukewarm water.

Note: Shower only once a day, and only after exercise if necessary. To keep your skin from drying out, wash it every morning and night.

To eliminate sweat, use blotting papers during the day.

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