Nature walk activities for preschoolers

Nature walk activities for preschoolers. Going on a nature walk and seeing things on purpose helps kids to explore with all of their senses. Kids learn and notice things in nature and their surroundings. This helps your children develop basic cognitive skills as well as connect them with the life around them. It is a relaxing and peaceful activity for you & your kids.

Five Best Nature walk activities for preschoolers

Draw leaf patterns

Carry a bag and gather a variety of leaves. When you arrive home, create a batch of salt dough to press the leaves into, leaving the leaf impression.

Once the salt dough has dried, paint your leaves to create a nature-inspired work of art.

Plan a bug-hunting stroll

Examine any ants, spiders, beetles, or other critters you come across on your walk with a magnifying lens.

This is an excellent way to know about many other topics, such as the distinction between bugs & spiders.

If you’re feeling really courageous, bring along a jar and catch some of these insects to study more closely when you get back.

Gather and dissect

Collect chestnuts, wildflowers, & leaves, then bring them home and examine them. Kids like bringing home various sized acorns and exploring inside them.

It is an amazing technique to practise comparing objects and seeing how things seem on the inside.

Collect “treasures” for art project

A walk is an excellent way to collect free art supplies. Go out and collect “treasures,” then return home and allow them to build. Kids’ creations from natural collections amaze us.

Nature rubbings

Making crayon rubbings on items found outside is a wonderful way to interact with nature.

A tree trunk, a sidewalk, a leaf, or a drain may all be used to discuss the textures in our surroundings.

Importance of nature walk for preschoolers

“A nature walk is an excellent way to ‘unplug,’ explore, and connect with nature while inhaling the fresh air.”

Nature offers several chances for exploration, creativity, problem-solving, & STEM education. Interacting with natural areas encourages kids to learn by doing & experiment with a variety of concepts. Kids think, question, and form theories in nature. It is helpful in cultivating curious minds.

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