Five chic ways to wear trendy blush in 2022

Five chic ways to wear trendy blush in 2022. Even the pale, dull, most fatigue face can be brought to life in a couple of moments with a splash of blush on the cheeks. You can clearly raise your features or softly mould them based on the exact positioning. It’s only a matter of knowing what you’re doing.

Five chic ways to wear trendy blush in 2022

We’re going to show you five new ways to wear blush in 2022 if you haven’t worn it since high school.

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Blend upwards

To delicately raise your features, apply your blush well above the apples of your cheekbones and smooth it up towards your temples.

Experiment with bronzer blush

Another piece of advice he provided us was to go outside of the pink box and try a sandy nude instead. A neutral-toned blush a shade or two deeper than your natural skin tone can give your entire face a warm glow (like bronzer, but much more subtle). Bronzer blush is ideal for achieving a sun-kissed appearance.

Five trendy ways to wear blush in 2022

Blush is perfect for giving your cheeks a natural glow. If you want to look vivid and fresh-faced, this is the look for you. Blush may give you a rosy glow in the winter and spring season, and it also looks great in the summer.

Expand your colour range

No, honestly, try another colour than pink. You’d be amazed how lovely a creamy blush can appear, especially when coupled with a matching lip colour.

Monochromatic is the way to go

When you do wear pink, make sure to use it on your eyes and lipstick as well. Maintaining a consistent colour palette throughout your outfit offers it a more finished appearance.

Complete the look with a bold lip

Meet strong lips with a bright blush. The trick to maintaining this look fresh is to keep the intensity levels balanced, which means lightening up on the blush but going all out on the lips.

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