Top trendy easy hairstyles for winter season

Top trendy easy hairstyles for the upcoming winter season. Although the October heat may make it possible to imagine, winter is on its way, and it’s bringing a host of new trends along to try out and play with! If you’re bored of the same old hairstyle you’ve been sporting for years now and are looking for a fresh and fun change, get inspired by the upcoming season’s top hair trends to give your look a fashionable upgrade.

Top trendy easy hairstyles for the upcoming winter season

We’ve compiled a list from Cosmopolitan to get you up to speed with the latest styles to look out for this upcoming season. From a resurgence of big 70s hair to the return to 90s layered cuts, this winter is all about a blast from the past, with a few modern twists, of course!

Bangs and buns 

This look is edgy and charming in equal measure! For a more fun look, pair your hanging bangs from last season with a top bun, or go for a set of charming space buns. You can add everything from pearls to beads to glittering clips to your hair, or you can let the style speak for itself. With a straight fringe, this style will look fantastic. Allow some face-framing strands to dangle loosely around your face to soften the effect.

Fringe and headband combination

The headband is stylish and exciting, and it adds a little something to help you take your fringe to the next level. From lavishly adorned bands to plain metal bands, the possibilities for headbands are nearly unlimited. You could also tie a tiny scarf around your head for a similar yet distinct effect!

70s hair

If you’re an Instagram account user, you probably saw this trend coming a mile away! Teenagers have been compulsively copying the iconic 1970s haircut, complete with rollers and hair flicks, and the fad has now spread to celebrities such as Margot Robbie. This look is perfect for the red carpet or lunch with friends because it is light and breezy.

Highlights that are subtle

This is your moment to shine if you’ve always wanted to colour your hair but were afraid of the commitment that comes with dramatic colours like red, purple, or blue. Chunky highlights that are only a shade or two lighter than your hair colour are all the rage, and the fact that they suit almost everyone is a huge plus. You won’t have to be concerned about the colour job looking shabby and untidy a month or two after you acquire it!

Shaggy fringe

We are in love with this hairdo and the rockstar-chic vibes it gives off! The hairstyle, when matched with layered hair, offers you a look that says, “I woke up like this!” without sacrificing beauty! Combine this look with smudgy eyeliner, and you’re ready to go.

90s style

This beloved 90s style has returned, and it appears to be here to stay! The layered hairstyles that were all the rage in the 1990s have taken over Instagram and other social media accounts. The best way to wear this haircut is with your hair parted down the middle. To improve the style, use butterfly clips or simple slide clips.

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