Hangover kit ideas that you must know

Hangover kit ideas that you must know. We gathered some fantastic ideas to include in your hangover healing kit so that it can be a helpful destination wedding favour for everyone.

What to put in hangover kit

What to include in a Hangover Kit! Just for your convenience, we put together a list of useful items that anyone could use for a variety of reasons other than a “hangover.” We chose only useful items that your wedding guests might not think to pack, in their travel bags. However, these hangover kit ideas will fit nicely for your dream destination weddings.

A good hand sanitiser

It’s always a good idea to pack hand sanitiser and items like this, but putting it in a hangover kit is more important than ever. The hand sanitisers that your attendees may have at home might not be travel-sized. Or, because they are engaging with so many people, they might breeze through it quickly. They will appreciate having a brand-new bottle to use while at your wedding celebration. In the end, there is never enough hand sanitiser. You should include a good-quality bottle in your bridal hangover kit.

Mouth fresheners

Mouth fresheners benefit in the prevention of bad breath and serve as a quick fix for eliminating odours after a big meal. Natural mouth fresheners come in a variety of flavours and are essential to place in your hangover kit.

Sunscreen packets

While on vacation, everyone needs sunscreen, but regrettably it is simple to forget! Sunblock packets are ideal for visitors who forgot to pack one or ran out, and they are also the ideal size to bring on an outing.

Wipes to remove makeup

Another valuable item to include in this essential hangover kit is makeup removal wipes because hotel soap can be so harsh on the skin. Your friends who wear makeup will thank you for this idea!

SPF Lip Balm

Use lip balm to keep your lips moisturised. As lips are very sensitive and they may be dry again and again! Lip balm is a gift that everybody will definitely appreciate including both men and women.

Healthy snacks

When considering what to include in a hangover package, you may overlook the basic and essential things such as a small snack. A protein or granola bar is a great idea for adding to your kit if you are looking for some healthy snacks. So many of your guests will have travelled long journeys and may arrive late at the hotel or resort and if the eateries are closed, a simple snack may be all they need to get through the night.

Tissue packs for travel

It’s never a bad idea to keep a travel-sized tissue pack on hand. You never know when you’ll need one. They are now available in stylish packets with positive messages. These are adorable.

Basic pain relievers

If you’re wondering what to pack in a hangover kit bag, here’s one item that almost everyone forgets. So try to put some basic pain relievers/pain killers with no side effects. Someone will most likely require this and will salute you in the morning.

Aloe Vera gel

There is always one guest who wants to spend the entire day on the beach or at the pool and believes there is no time to apply sunscreen. Use aloe vera gel after a terrible sunburn. Aloe vera gel is for sure used for relieving the stress of sunburn as well as such a productive favour for a destination summer or beach wedding. So remember to include aloe vera gel in your wedding kit.

Stomach relief medicine

You should include this in your kit for recovering from a hangover. Most wedding guests wouldn’t think to bring medicine for upset stomachs. But they may appreciate your help with this one if they have a poor reaction to the drinks or foods they consume while travelling.

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