Outdoor activities for kindergarten

Outdoor activities for kindergarten. The summer holiday is in full bloom, and we’re making the most of it by playing outside as often as possible. Parks, seaside, our backyard, patio, and front yard have all become canvases for the kids’ fun activities. Such simple outdoor games have brought us so much pleasure, laughter, and happiness!

Outdoor activities for kindergarten

Here’s a list of some of favourite basic outdoor fun activities for kids that we’ve done time and time again:

Hunt for sensory scavenger

Gather materials you’re sure to discover in the park (wood chips, dandelions, leaves, pebbles), attach them to a piece of paper, and have your kids search for them!

Balloon filled water

Grab either your t-ball set or just a baseball bat, depending on your child’s skill level. Fill a few water balloons ahead of time. Place them in a plastic tub or laundry basket. Invite your buddies to join you at the park!

Hula hoop fun-Outdoor activities for kindergarten

It’s such a simple and enjoyable activity for kids. Several hula hoops will be required. Bring the kids to a location with a lot of green space and have them form a line. Roll the hula hoops along the ground with as much energy as you can while holding them vertically. Each child’s name should be called out, and they should rush after the hoop to grab it. Throw another hoop every time they bring one back! This is an excellent hand-eye coordination exercise.

Take note of the seasons

No matter what the weather is like, kids love going outside! This is a great way to teach your kids about the seasons. Discuss what happens as the seasons change, such as when spring gives way to summer or when winter snowfalls. Inquire about what your children notice, such as the temperature changing or the leaves falling. Seasons are a key subject to learn, and understanding them may help get your children dressed for preschool easier because they will understand why a jacket or snow boots are needed.

Bubble wands in the kitchen utensil

Collect slotting spoons, fly swatters, spatulas, and anything else with holes to generate bubbles from a kitchen drawer. Make your own bubble solution, then test which utensil produces the most bubbles!

Matching shapes

During this time, children should be able to identify basic shapes. Parents can assist their children by pointing out forms in the environment. A toy cubby might be shaped like a square, a ball, or a circular. Then, using these shapes as inspiration, create flash cards. Make two circles, cubes, hearts, ovals, or other shapes. Toss the cards together and urge your children to match the correct shapes.

Hopscotch-Outdoor activities for kindergarten

Throwing games are another excellent approach to help young children learn mastery of their physical skills. Hopscotch is a great game for kids since they have to toss a pebble or a bean bag into a specific square. This game puts their aim to the test and is a lot of fun to play together!

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