Fun things to do with friends at home

Fun things to do with friends at home. There are many things you can do to keep your friends happy and entertained if they are coming over for the entire day or even a sleepover. This puts a lot of pressure on the host because you definitely don’t want your guests to get bored in your house or spend all of their time watching TV.

Fun things to do with friends at home

Here are some fantastic and exciting activities you can do at home with your pals to create lifelong memories. It’s not difficult to host a sleepover; all you need is a little advance planning, some help with the food, and a well-stocked kitchen for easy fun things to do with friends.

Continue reading to see what you like best from this collection of entertaining ideas.

Fun things to do with friend at home

Treasure Hunt at Home

This needs some pre-planning. Before your friends come home, hide an exciting gift for the winner in any corner of your room and make clues leading to the mystery gift. Your friends would love to solve the clues to find their exciting gift. 

Play sports games at home

Teenage boys enjoy playing cricket, badminton, soccer, and basketball with their peers. If you have enough space in your garden, hosting a game of cricket or soccer with friends could be a lot of fun. Tennis or badminton are also enjoyable. When you’re exhausted, prepare some drinks and snacks to satisfy your thirst.

Play sports games at home

Gardening-Fun things to do with friends at home

Gardening skills can be learned at home with friends. Planting some lovely flowers or trimming your houseplants in your backyard garden is a terrific idea. Gardening is a relaxing pastime that you like doing with your friends.


Take part in video games

A get-together would be incomplete without a video game session. Your buddies would love to play their favourite PS4 or PC games against each other. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft are fun games to play with your friends.

Friendly Pillow Fight-Fun things to do with friends at home

Without a pillow war with your friends, a sleepover isn’t complete. Get some pillows and have some fun hitting each other. There will be much laughter, shouts, and happiness, all of which will leave you with golden memories for the rest of your life.

Night of Barbecue

Invite your buddies over for a stay and throw a backyard BBQ. Allow everyone to take turns grilling some smokey vegetables and meat. With home-cooked BBQ specialities on the menu, you’re in for a great night.

Night of Barbecue

Make up scary stories

See who has the scariest story. Have a storytelling session with your buddies, but the only catch is that the stories must be horror stories. It’ll be interesting to see who gets afraid first! indecision

Dare or truth-Fun things to do with friends at home

If you’re bored, this is a great game to play with your buddies. You can push your buddies to do something challenging, and you can even learn some of their deepest secrets. Make sure you don’t go too far while challenging a friend to a task. Maintain a lighthearted and enjoyable tone. Avoid doing too harsh things.

Dare or truth

Dumb Charades is a fun

Playing Dumb Charades is a fun way to pass the time. Playing dumb charades with your buddies will make your sleepover even more entertaining. Your buddies will enjoy acting out movie titles with difficult titles, and it will be even more entertaining to watch the other side guess.

Friendship and Painting

Take considerable time painting with your friends and be creative. You can all work together on a giant portrait or landscape, or you can all paint separately.

Friendship and Painting

Riddles are entertaining

Play a round of difficult riddles with your buddies. This is an excellent mental challenge that will keep your guests active and entertained.

Bonfire in your backyard-Fun things to do with friends at home

If the weather is exceptionally cold and you’re hosting a sleepover, a bonfire in your garden or backyard is a great way to create some warm memories. Play relaxing music and relax with a few drinks.

Bonfire in your backyard

Gossip with friends late at night

When you have people home, don’t go to bed early. One of the nicest things to do late at night with friends is to gossip. You can express concern for hours about a mutual opponent. This is a lot of fun, but be careful nothing gets out!

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