UK PM lists six-point response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

UK PM lists a six-point response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday (March 5) urged other leaders to join a six-point response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including humanitarian support and the harshest possible economic pressure on Russia.

UK PM lists six-point response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Johnson will meet the leaders of Canada, the Netherlands and Central Europe in London next Monday. He said Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion must fail.

“It is not enough to express our support for a rules-based international order. We must defend it from continued attempts to rewrite the rules with military force,” Johnson said in a statement.

Johnson listed his goals , including the establishment of an international humanitarian alliance for Ukraine, support for Ukraine’s self-defense, and maximum economic pressure on Moscow.

Johnson also called for a diplomatic approach to reducing tensions with the full participation of the Ukrainian government, strengthening security in the Euro-Atlantic region and ending the “quiet normalization” of Russia’s activities in Ukraine.

Johnson is also scheduled to meet on Tuesday with leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia who have experienced an influx of Ukrainian refugees, after meeting with the Canadian prime minister and the Dutch foreign minister on Monday.

Britain plans to move quickly to pass new legal measures to sanction Russian businessmen, which it plans to send to parliament on Monday.

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