Top trendy shoes winter 2022

There's a shoe for every occasion here, from fluffy slides to sleek block heels. Take your shoe game to the next level with these elegant winter shoe trends

Top trendy shoes winter 2022 If there’s one thing that shoes can do, it’s make or destroyed an ensemble. If you’re attempting to make a fashion statement, an unattractive pair of shoes or heels in a colour that doesn’t fit with your entire appearance can be disastrous.

Top trendy shoes winter 2022

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be daring with your footwear and not stick to the same dull pair you’ve been wearing for years. If you prefer to keep up with the latest fashion trends and try new things, we’ve compiled a list of new shoe trends for you to check out! For days when you want to feel trendy and comfy, wear incredibly chic slippers; here are all the different kinds that will be pretty hot this winter season!

Pointed-toed shoes

This fall/winter season, pointed-toed shoes are all in the trend, according to Marie Claire. The style is available in both heels and flats, and if you can find a pair with sparkles, you’ll get bonus points! When you need to dress up a casual attire for an event or need a professional shoe, this is a perfect alternative. There’s a pointed-toe shoe for everyone, with a range of materials and heel sizes to choose from. The best aspect is that these shoes work with practically every outfit, so a pair will last a long time!

Slippers with a fluffy texture

Do you want to be comfortable without sacrificing style? Don’t be concerned! The day has been saved by fluffy slippers. These are sure to be a fun and unique accent to your ensemble. The soft, padded slides are coated with fur and have a robust, wear-resistant sole. They’re the perfect winter shoe to make your feet feel warm and loved!

Long boots

A good pair of long boots, which come in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes, is a terrific way to make a fashion statement! A slouchy monochrome boot or a tailored animal-print design are both options. These shoes look fantastic with both dresses and mid-length skirts. If you live somewhere where the winters are harsh, these can keep your legs toasty and protected from the elements.

Block heels

We don’t want to pick favourites, but these shoes are truly unique. This footwear will be every fashionista’s ideal, thanks to celebs and their collaborations with brands like Versace. These heels appear as they came off your favourite Bratz doll and onto your feet when worn in a plain colour. This would be the ‘it’ shoe of the season if there was such a thing!

Lace-up oxfords shoes

If you’re not a fan of heels? That’s fine; a pair of big lace-up oxfords will still keep your diva status intact. These shoes are sure to add a little of edge to any look, and they match with just about anything. These shoes are a wardrobe must-have for both professional and informal outings!

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