Top Five Current Makeup Trends 2022-2023

Top Five Current Makeup Trends 2022-2023. A few basic elements can make you feel more beautiful and confident, even if you don’t want to wear bold lip colour. Makeup also helps to protect the skin look from unwanted flaws that might make you feel insecure. However, one is not forced to wear heavy makeup to get a stunning look. You only need a few things if you want a natural look.

Here’s a rundown of all the makeup trends you should try to end the year on a high note!

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Top Five Current Makeup Trends 2022-2023

Lip gloss

Lip gloss is back, and it appears to be here to stay after matte lip colours grabbed the beauty industry by storm.  It is everywhere, from your favourite celebs to supermodels, as part of the Y2K fashion comeback. You can choose a colourful gloss or a clear gloss, which you can use on top of a matte lip to accentuate it even more.

Adding glitter to your gloss is also a terrific way to improve your cosmetic game. Lip oil is your new best friend if you can’t handle the drying impact of matte lip colours and normal lip gloss is too sticky for you.

loud eyeliner

Allow your inner loud rocker to flourish with this resurgent trend (that never truly died out in the first place). This appearance does not necessitate any precision. Simply line the upper and lower lids, as well as the waterline, with your favourite black or brown eye pencil. Smudge the product with a brush, and remember that the messier the better! If you want a more stylish look, add a bolder cat-eye to an otherwise messy look.

Cream blush

For most individuals, winter means dry skin, and powder products can exacerbate the problem by removing even more moisture from your face. Fear not, cream products, particularly cream blush, are come to save the day!

These creamy blushes will give you a dewy, soft-colour finish, and it’s ideal for keeping that summer shining in the dreary winter months. If you choose a blush with a little glitter, it can even be used as a bronzer!

Sparkly eyes

We think this is our current favourite eye make-up trend. Apply your favourite glitter colours to your lids and sparkle your way through the night. For a wonderful winter night look, combine a smokey eye with glitter in purple, gold, or green, or go for fluttery eyelashes and iridescent glitter to completely embody that 70s mood.

To produce a lively and whimsical aesthetic that screams imagination, experiment with different colours, textures, and glitter sizes.

Highlight lips

It’s time to let your lips take centre stage now that the masks are starting to come off in open, well-ventilated settings. Choose a colour or texture that draws attention to your lips. Choose from vibrant reds or luxurious purples; the possibilities are truly unlimited!

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