Toxic masculinity in relationships ruins everything

Toxic masculinity in relationships ruins everything. Masculinity doesn’t have to be destructive, but whenever it is, there are several negative consequences for both individual and societal health.

Toxic masculinity in relationships

The term “toxic” simply implies “poisonous.” But, then, what exactly is toxic masculinity? This word covers all stereotypes associated with males that affect anyone closest to them, particularly their relationships. Dominance, control, insensitivity, and aggressiveness are examples of toxic masculinity.

Toxic males engage in destructive behaviour rather than productive behaviour. They believe they should be dominant over everything.

In this article, some basic signs of toxic masculinity in relationships are discussed. So keep scrolling if you are unaware of the beauty of good relationships and still suffering from toxic relationships.

Disrespect (Toxic masculinity in relationships)

The most evident trait of toxic males is their lack of respect for you. They place a high value on it. But they have none left for you. As a result, they try to radiate dominance and demonstrate that they’re the ones in control of the relationship. In their view, your aspirations, your friends, and your profession are all worthless. Equality? They haven’t given it a second thought.

You are scared to express yourself

Toxic males are continuously looking for ways to criticise you. This makes you feel so uneasy that you don’t know how to act without making them upset. However, you also don’t want to confront them about it for fear of escalating into an argument. Tell your beloved that you’re feeling confined and unhappy. Certainly not!

That is just too dangerous for you. You know he’d mock you, ridicule you, & might even bully you. So you’d rather apologise right away after attempting to solve an issue, sweeten up your toxic man, and then back off.

Have uncontrollable anger

Sure, everyone gets irritated now and then when couldn’t deal with anger and frustration. But there comes a moment when this rage is no longer warranted, and toxic guys cross that line. They get belligerent, try to intimidate you, and may even become physically aggressive. Get help if you are a victim of domestic violence, no matter how difficult it is! There are several contact points available, including to which you may also reach out anonymously.

Your needs are worthless

You’re at the end of the line. Toxic males constantly desire to become the centre of attention and are unconcerned about what is essential to them. They would like you to be submissive. You keep finding yourself cancelling plans with your besties because your man wants you to stay inside.

Note: If your male guardian is in charge of your happiness and goals, while you’re doing more emotional and household-related work, it’s high time to talk.

There are so many reasons for Toxic masculinity. One of them is the practice of a corrupt cultural lifestyle that pressurised men to behave in a certain way that ultimately leads them to excessive anxiety and depression. So a healthy discussion and perhaps counselling can benefit individuals in developing better social skills as well as dealing with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and extreme rage.

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