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How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod

How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod. Rods are used to hang curtains the majority of the time, thus you must first install the rod before hanging the curtains. If you don’t want to drill into the wall, you can hang the curtains without a rod, though.

Curtains can enhance the beauty of any space if hung in a tidy manner with the latest designs. In this article, we’ll go through how to hang curtains without a rod by providing alternate curtain-hanging techniques.

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Hang curtains with coat hooks

Coat hooks are quite a strangely useful item. They can be used to hang curtains in addition to carrying luggage and raincoats.

How to hang curtains using coat hooks?

  • Calculate the number of hooks you’ll need to fix your curtains.
  • You should measure the height required to allow for the length of your curtains.
  • To ensure uniform distribution, measure and note the distance between your coat hangers.
  • Then, loop the curtains hole onto the coat hooks after carefully screwing them into your window or wall frame.

Advantages of hanging curtains with coat hooks

  • The installation of coat hooks is simpler than that of regular curtain rod hardware.
  • There’s no need to drill holes for coat hooks.
  • Coat hooks are affordable and also used as a unique decor piece.

Utilize tension rod curtains

Tension rod curtains are adjustable and stretch from one side of the window frame to the other. You can install them in minutes without any complicated measurements or installation.

Tips for hanging curtains with tension rods

  • Buy the tension rod that is most similar in size to your window frame (measured on the inside of the frame).
  • Check the tension rod by tightening or loosening it until the window frame is completely enclosed.
  • Pull the rod out of the window frame, attach the curtain to it, and then replace the rod.

Advantages of hanging curtains with tension rods

  • Simple to install and doesn’t need any hardware or measurement.
  • For light or light curtains, tension rods work best.
  • For cafe curtains, it may be set to drape from the top of the middle of the window.

Hang curtains using magnetic curtain rods

The simplest method for hanging a curtain without drilling is with magnetic curtain rods. Magnetic curtain rods can be a great option for hanging curtains over a metal door, despite the fact that their other applications are somewhat limited.

How to hang curtains using magnetic curtain rods?

  • To select the appropriate size curtains, measure the window opening.
  • Check to see whether the area between the edge of the door and the edge of the window can allow the bracket for your magnetic curtain rod.
  • Install the bracket on your metal door, then “click” the rod into the bracket once you’ve strung the curtain from the rod.

Advantages of hanging curtains with magnetic curtain rods

  • Simple installation
  • Available in a range of widths

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