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Best curtain color for bedroom

Best curtain color for bedroom. A curtain with the proper pattern, design, fabric, and colour can give any bedroom an air of grace and sophistication.

Best curtain color for bedroom

How to choose the best curtains for a bedroom?

When selecting a curtain for your bedroom, keep the following key points in consideration:

Bright colour curtain

A large, dramatic pattern is the best way to bring interest to a boring bedroom. Similar to these curtains, tropical or floral prints are always trendy for bedroom decor to provide a touch of timeless charm. If you choose brightly coloured patterned curtains, keep the rest of the room plain so your curtains can shine.

Bright colour curtain

Light colour curtain

  • A classic look! Curtains with light colours, especially whites & neutrals, will never go out of style.
  • Lighter curtains provide the impression of more space.
  • Light-coloured curtains are more likely to be constructed with drapery fabrics that fall and flow elegantly.
  • If you want to modify it in the future, lighter colours can easily be dyed a different colour.
Light colour curtain

Dark colour curtains

  • Dark coloured curtains visibly decrease the area and give it a cosier vibe in large interiors or rooms with high ceilings. Use them to anchor the space without overpowering it; to avoid looking out of place, repeat the colour of the curtains elsewhere in the room.
  • Strike the right combination of calm and elegance
  • Dark curtains add drama, contrast, and elegance to a room and maybe very appealing when utilised correctly.
  • Dark curtains hide dust and dirt better than light-coloured curtains, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas (if the size is right).
Dark colour curtains

Note: Dark curtains contrast well with bright walls (eg. warm white, cream, grey, light tan and even smoky blue walls). The combination of dark walls and dark curtains in the bedroom looks unpleasant.

Monochromatic curtains

Choosing a curtain that is the same colour as your wall – but darker – is a perfect way to achieve a nice monochromatic look. For example, if you choose a burnt-orange curtain if your walls are apricot. Use an off-white curtain if the rest of your room is white.

Monochromatic curtains
Monochromatic curtains

Fabric style

If the fabric is overly heavy, it may be difficult to draw on. It will also be difficult to fall if it is too light. Hold a sample of your fabric – at least two yards – up to a window to see how it drapes in real life.

Pleat it into an accordion shape at the top and drape it. It won’t fall easily if it flares out like a crinoline.

Silky curtains

Silk curtains have a beautiful appearance that gives any room a delicate and dreamy atmosphere. They are extremely hardy and remarkably long-lasting. Faux silk is less expensive but highly vulnerable to fading.

silky curtain in bedroom
silky curtain in bedroom

Velvet curtain

This thick, heavy cloth is the most popular choice for insulation. They also provide a sense of wealth and elegance. One disadvantage is that it absorbs more dust and filth than other materials. However, you can avoid this by vacuuming frequently.

 velvet curtain in bedroom
velvet curtain in bedroom

Cotton curtains

These are light, strong, and environment friendly. They work well in both classic and contemporary settings. Cotton can drape in a similar way to velvet, despite the fact that it isn’t as heavy. They’re affordable and simple to maintain.

cotton curtain for bedroom

Polyester curtain

Polyester is a mould-resistant, long-lasting fabric that does not fade quickly in the sun. Polyester cloth is the ideal option if you’re buying a curtain for the first time. It doesn’t wrinkle or stretch, and like the other textiles on our list, it’s affordable.

Lining curtain

Regardless matter whether the curtain fabric is bright or dark in colour, well-lined curtains can keep light out. The lining adds an extra layer to the cloth that can reflect or retain heat while also protecting the colour from sun saturation. Curtains that are lined will hang well and are easily adjusted.

While unlined curtains are ideal for the summer since they provide some sun protection while remaining light and airy, they may not be the best choice for the rest of the year. However, they are extremely simple to clean in your own washing machine.

Lining types:

  • Blockout – keeps the majority of the sunshine out while also keeping the cold out.
  • Polycotton — is a cost-effective choice that keeps the temperature stable in both hot and cold conditions.

Consider curtain care

  • Your first priority should be privacy. Even when the bedroom curtain is open, it should provide privacy.
  • Choose between a sunny or a formal atmosphere. The formal curtains are made of the finest material than the sunny curtains.
  • Your chosen curtain’s colour and pattern should match your bedroom’s design and decor perfectly.
  • Is it better to dry-clean or put it in the washer? In the long term, selecting the appropriate wash method can save money.
  • Whether you go for a modern or floral geometric pattern, your curtains should reflect your personal taste.
  • The overall design of the curtain should complement the decor of your bedroom.

Cleaning method

Choosing between a washer machine and a dry-clean-only curtain ahead of time will save you money in the long run. Curtains of high quality must be washed in a certain manner.

To prevent wasting time and money in the future, figure out which wash style is ideal for your curtain.

Best curtain color for bedroom

Conclusion- We hope you found this information valuable. When it comes to choosing curtains for your house, think about all of your options so you can create a style you’ll love for years to come.

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