Best Dry Skin Treatment At Home

Best Dry Skin Treatment At Home. Natural oils and remedies are often pure, and a preferable option for many people. “Other over-the-counter treatments might include a lot of components – not just active moisturising substances, but also preservatives. Water-based goods frequently fall under this category. These, chemicals and fragrance-containing cosmetics, might irritate or trigger an allergic response, as well as dry up your skin.

Best Dry Skin Treatment At Home

Make an olive oil cleanser

Olive oil is a natural cleaner and moisture. It is an excellent natural oil to use. It is a wonderful choice as a cleanser since it won’t damage your skin’s natural oils while cleaning it.

Just apply the oil into your skin and cover your face with a warm, moist towel until it cools, then wipe away the excess oil.

Avocado mask 

Another natural option to relieve dry skin is to make an avocado mask at home. Take half an avocado and combine it with 1 teaspoon (tsp) olive oil; for really dry skin, add 1 tablespoon (tbsp) honey.

Apply the mask to your face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it away. Your skin should feel hydrated, but you can amp up the hydration by using your usual moisturizer on top of it.

Scrub with natural olive oil and sugar

Using a mix of olive oil and sugar, make a naturally hydrating exfoliating scrub. Then mix partial half cup sugar with 2 tablespoons olive oil. You may also add essential oil, such as lavender, which has a natural scent and can help you relax. Gently massage the scrub into your skin before rinsing it away. Finally, seal in the advantages of newly exfoliated skin with a soothing moisturiser.

 Make an easy oatmeal moisture

Take a warm bath by adding a cup of oats to naturally moisturise dry skin. It aids in the retention of moisture from the bathwater.

Homemade oatmeal honey mask exfoliate your skin

Oatmeal can also be used as an exfoliant or mask. Add 2 tablespoons oats, 1 tablespoon honey, and a splash of water. Warm the liquid before massaging it into your skin. You may use it to exfoliate and then rinse it off, or you can keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes as a relaxing, nourishing mask.

Before sleep, massage your skin with coconut oil

Coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature, so use it as a moisturising cream at bedtime or anytime. Apply the oil on chapped heels and hands, then top with thick socks or non-latex gloves.

Add your favourite oil to your bath

“Natural oils are great for moisturizing the skin and helping to re-create the natural skin barrier, which is often damaged by frequent hand and face washing with water and drying soaps that strip the skin of its natural protective oils. Aside from olive oil or coconut oil, you can test out other natural oils that are free from irritants, including jojoba, argan, and avocado oils.

Use a few tablespoons of the desired oil under running bathwater. Treat yourself to a short soak and gently pat your skin dry afterwards to avoid rubbing all the oil off. You can also apply a small amount of your preferred oil to your skin post-shower to keep it soft and moist.

Use a fruit enzyme cleanser or exfoliant.

Fruit enzymes can save your life during the dry-skin season. “These alpha-hydroxy acids are excellent for lightly exfoliating the surface layer of dulling dead skin cells on the face and body. Apply a fruit-enzyme-infused wash or mask twice a week to avoid dryness. Pineapple, pumpkin, and papaya are some nice fruit enzymes to check for.



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