Everyone talks about current affairs: China should wake up for Putin’s cheerleaders

Everyone talks about current affairs: China should wake up for Putin’s cheerleaders, how can war madmen end well? Since Russia invaded Ukraine, a series of sanctions by the mainstream international community in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific has turned Russia into an international outcast.

Everyone talks about current affairs: China should wake up for Putin’s cheerleaders, how can war madmen end well?

Observers predict that Russia will inevitably and quickly become a third-tier power in the world after the impact of harsh international sanctions is gradually revealed. However, Putin’s arrogance and ambition have won applause in China. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying defended Putin by arguing that the United States and NATO attacked Yugoslavia back then, and refused to call Russia an aggressor.

The official media praised Putin for his courage, courage and strength, and his admiration was beyond words. Many folks who eat melons even regard “Pu the Great” as a god, and the cheers of “Wula” and “Long live” are endless. But try to recall, since the establishment of international law and international order in the 20th century, how many aggressors who threaten world peace can have a good death?

Hu Ping, the honorary editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring, believes that China’s support for Russia is not a rational choice, but a mutual use under the framework of anti-American and anti-Western.

He said: “The reason why the Chinese government and a lot of public opinions took this stance this time is because they put the whole thing under the framework of being anti-American and anti-Western. They see Putin’s attack on Ukraine as Russia’s Anti-US, Russia is anti-West, Russia is against the US and the West. Therefore, they have adopted a supportive attitude towards this point, which does not show how their own views and interests are consistent with Russia. I believe that from this perspective, it can also be It can be seen that the current alliance in China is not like-minded and has the same interests, but a kind of mutual use.”

Russia invaded Ukraine, and Chinese officials openly defended Putin. State media praised Putin for his courage, courage and strength. However, the analysis and observation of some cultural elites are calm and independent, which is different from the official view. Ji Shuoming, a senior media person in Hong Kong, analyzed that the Chinese official public opinion only focuses on the camp and does not question right and wrong, but more and more calm thinking and independent judgment have emerged among the people.

He said: “What the outside world sees may not necessarily be the truth. Today, among the Chinese people, I have seen that in the small group exchanges of some WeChat groups, the vast majority of netizens are right and wrong and have judgment, especially when it comes to aggression. I think the majority of people who oppose the intrusion should be the majority of people who evaluate online speech.

If the intruder is defined as an intruder or aggressor, I don’t think there are many people unless those radical madmen will applaud. Most people are Oppose. Therefore, some people will also point out those who are belligerent and insulting Ukraine in the group. Most people do not follow the official. The official does not have a certain title, but its push to the article is There is control.

For example, after the remarks about taking in Ukrainian beauties were released, platforms such as Weibo and Douyin began to crack down on such remarks. Even the official media center agency yesterday called on the war to speak rationally and not to watch the fire from the other side. Vulgar spectators. So in the Russian-Ukrainian war, I think China, even if it is official, has an obvious hidden meaning, it is passive.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media reported that the United States and NATO did not send troops to intervene in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They were betraying Ukraine, and the economic sanctions that have been introduced one after another will not help Russia, which is backed by China. Ji Shuoming believes that the United States, NATO, and the European Union can combine economic and protracted wars to use Ukraine as a cemetery to end Putin’s totalitarian career.

He said: “Actually, for China, it mainly plays the role of a melon eater who wants to make things bigger. I think that during the Russian-Ukrainian aggression, the United States has already had a sand table deduction, which has fully verified the advantages and disadvantages. Direct intervention will expand the situation. Perhaps Russia itself wants the United States and other Western countries to intervene, and Putin has long issued a nuclear threat. There is a saying that all parties in the Russian-Ukrainian war have different interests to consider. Russia set a limited war to force Ukraine. Neutrality and containment of NATO’s eastward expansion is aimed at a quick solution.

The United States, the European Union, and NATO, seeing this weakness, hope that through various support forces, Ukraine can fight a protracted war, and finally turn the Ukraine battlefield into a cemetery that ends Putin’s political career. I remember that just yesterday, US President Biden was interviewed by the media. He said that the US has only two options: one is to go to war with Russia and start the third world war; the other is to impose sanctions.

In fact, sanctions, even if Russia After winning this war with Ukraine, in exchange for economic sanctions from Western countries, Russia will also have a heavy economic cost. According to the data of the World Bank, the signs of Russia’s economic decline have already appeared. Before the outbreak of the new crown virus in 2019 In 2018, Russia’s GDP was $1.6 trillion, far less than the $2.2 trillion in 2013.

The head of the Russian central bank has warned that Russia’s (economic) growth may slow by 2% to 3% this year. JPMorgan expects that in the second half of this year Sanctions will reduce Russia’s GDP by 3.5%. In this way, its economy may be negative. But if the sanctions themselves are not properly implemented, the effect is still questionable.”

Hu Ping, honorary editor-in-chief of “Beijing Spring”, said that the invasion of Ukraine ordered by Putin brought unprecedented challenges to the post-war international order, and that he himself faced unprecedented isolation.

He said: “Putin’s action is undoubtedly the most serious challenge to the post-World War II international order, and he has created unprecedented isolation of himself. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult for Putin to achieve his goals. On the contrary, he is very Perhaps because of the general isolation in the world, the situation of him, including Russia, was further deteriorated. This possibility cannot be ruled out. Of course, it also depends on how he takes this next step and whether he will go that far. “

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