Ahsan Mughal Young Tech Entrepreneur Of Pakistan

Ahsan Mughal Young Tech Entrepreneur Of Pakistan 2022. Ahsan Mughal started using computers at the age of 3 when most of us have hardly learned to chant the twinkle twinkle little star. Today he is a successful Digital Marketer, Blogger, SEO Expert, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Online Entrepreneur.

He started freelance work at the age of 15. He designed his very first website named SoftwareTricks92 when he was just 16. After that in just two years, he has achieved remarkable success. Currently, he is not just leading Blowing Ideas as a founder and CEO but also several other premium projects including Bol News Urdu, Punjab Ads and many more mega projects.

He loves to work with a true dedication that few can match. His business services are available to clients from all over the world. His amazing growth game makes him one of Pakistan’s most successful young tech entrepreneurs.

Achieving so much at such a young age has only been possible because he believes:

“It is only the true devotion that matters when you think to achieve beyond imagination”.

Note: Being the young blood of Pakistan he is passionate to help youth in modern entrepreneurship, blogging, web design and other skills.

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