Bridal Shower Games With Prizes

Bridal shower games with prizes are a real blast to have at your party, but the game prizes for the winners shouldn’t have to be expensive. If you are planning a bridal shower, you will most likely plan a few games for the guests and bride-to-be. We get asked many questions about what games to play, and if the game winners should get prizes.

Bridal Shower Games With Prize
Bridal Shower Games With Prize

Unique bridal shower prizes

Playing bridal shower games with prizes is considered necessary these days. They are a tradition for a reason: they help your closest friends get to know one another, embrace the couple, & ensure the party is enjoyable for guests and memorable.

So, if you are stressed about what to do at the party make it a fantastic memorable bridal shower invitation. Don’t worry. We’ve come up with a few unique bridal shower prize ideas with low budgets.

bridal shower games prizes
bridal shower games prizes

Amazon gift voucher

We personally believe an Amazon gift voucher is preferable to cash. With thousands of different products at their disposal, this prize would be worth the investment regardless of who wins it. What’s the best part? If you’re pressed for time, it can be printed immediately after purchase.

Comfy PJs

A comfortable pyjama in a comfy bed can be one of the best parts of the day, particularly after a long and exhausting day. With so many different pyjama designs available nowadays. You can pick a good set of PJs for anyone; for example, a silk pyjama cut in a stylish pattern could be a lovely present for your friends at the bridal shower.


Succulent is widely recognised as a symbol of diligence, strength, and selfless love. Gifting succulents is a great way to express your love and support to the person you care about the most. These adorable succulents would make an excellent game prize or favour for a bridal shower and wedding shower.


Chocolates are a big favourite and can be the ideal gift to give to someone. They are a wonderful way to express your feelings for someone, and you can never go mistaken for chocolates because we all have a sweet tooth & midnight cravings for something sweet now and then.

Skincare basket

These beautifully packaged gift sets include three self-care necessities: soap, body balm, and lip butter. Their natural oils and perhaps other organic ingredients pack a powerful punch and are available in a variety of scents to suit any preference. How’s that for a special bridal shower game prize?

Mugs for coffee

Everyone prefers personalised gifts, and there’s always room in someone’s life for a special mug. Giving a mug as a gift sends a special message to someone whom they are adored and cherished for. It doesn’t get any more personal than that.

A personalised coffee mug makes an excellent game prize at a bridal or wedding shower. There are so many options available in your nearby store.

Scented candles

A well-balanced, scented candle can lift your spirits by recalling happy memories or instilling a sense of calm in your mind. Returning to science, there have been numerous studies that show the power of smell in arousing emotions and memories.

Bath salts

These are simple and pleasant gifts to make & deliver. They are made with simple ingredients and can be easily customised to any theme or event, depending on the size and shape of your jar as well as the essential oils you use. These single-use bath salts are inexpensive yet cute bridal shower game prizes for the champions of the event.

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Colourful cocks

Socks as gifts is a heritage that dates back to when socks were still handcrafted, and socks remain a popular Big gift to this day. Socks mix fun and purpose, making them a gift that someone will use but will also be a joy to receive.

Stylish coasters

Natural materials in modern design? You won’t be disappointed with a stylish coaster gift. This gift appears and feels high-end, but it is reasonably priced—because we all understand it’s more fun to spend a lot of money on the bridal shower party.

Handmade shortbread cookies

These hand-decorated buttery cookies are incredibly delicious! This is also a good option for giving prizes at a bridal shower. Baked goods make an excellent gift for nearly anyone on your list. Make your favourite apple pie and white chocolate cookies into the ideal surprise gift for a bridal shower.

Coffee bombs with different flavours

The ideal present for coffee lovers! They would be ideal as a game award at a bridal shower as well as a wedding shower.

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