How to open a door without a key

How to open a door without a key? We’ve all felt the stress of approaching a closed door, digging into our pockets for the key, and discovering only a wallet and phone. Is the key just misplaced or permanently lost? In any case, the “What now?” moment leaves you shocked as well as outside peeking in.

If you are stuck and forgot keys and want to unlock a closed door. You can get in even if you don’t have a key. Here are simple and easy-to-do ways to know how to unlock a closed door. Keep scrolling if you often forget your door keys.

Note: Only attempt this with your own closed doors.

Use a bobby pin

One of the really common tricks for unlocking doors is the bobby pin lock pick. It is regarded as a rake pick and may be used to unlock any door that has tumbler mechanics in the locking mechanism. This is the most basic & simple to use.

The secret to this beneficial hack is simple: use a bobby pin. But it is not that simple. Finding the appropriate one to help the process run smoothly is the difficult part. You’ll need a tiny, flexible bobby pin to pull off this life hack.

Make use of a screwdriver

It’s simple to open a door without a key by using a screwdriver. Find the best one for your lock and place it in the little space between the door and its frame around the handle or knob. All you have to do is put the tip of the screwdriver into the gap in between the bottom of the door & the floor with your right hand. Then, counterclockwise until you notice a click. Turn clockwise again until you hear some other click. Finally, swing open the door.

Make use of a knife

You may use this approach to open your door without having a key. If you master how to use a knife, you can unlock your door. To begin, you must first unlock the lock. To achieve this, put your knife between the top of the keyhole & the top of the real lock. Then, gently press down on the blade to unlock it.

Lock picking

Lock picking, also known as lock opening, is the technique of opening a lock by analysing & manipulating the sections of the lock device without the key. Lock picking tools range in design from basic probes to highly specialised instruments purpose-built for a single make and type of lock.

Use the Bump key

A bump key is a basic tool that may be used to unlock nearly any lock. After inserting the tool into a keyway, one or more pins are nudged using an Allen wrench or toothpick. This allows you to open doors without using a key. This procedure can be used in an emergency circumstance.

Remove the hinges

You may unlock your door without even a key by removing the hinges. Hinges are used to keep doors closed and items where they belong. However, once the hinges are removed, there is nothing stopping you from opening up. All you need is a hammer, a puller, and a hinge remover. These items are readily available on the market or even in your own house.

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