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How To Hang A Heavy Mirror On A Brick Wall

How To Hang A Heavy Mirror On A Brick Wall. To build a sweet home people love to use strong materials like bricks. A brick wall is a solid and lovely feature of a house. It is aesthetically pleasing and has a nice feel. However, decorating a brick wall is quite challenging, especially if you’re hanging photos on a brick wall or other big objects like large mirrors or art pieces.

As brick is a hard material, you must take necessary precautions while hanging fragile items like mirrors to prevent damage. Keep scrolling on this page if you want to decorate walls with mirrors, particularly on the brick walls. How To Hang A Heavy Mirror On A Brick Wall

Essential material

  • Bathroom scale
  • Metal anchor
  • Hammer
  • Broad paper, such as a newspaper,
  • Scissors,
  • Marker
  • Masonry drill bit

Mark the position

By putting the mirror up against the wall in the desired place and identifying where the hanging wire / hanging hardware meets the wall, mark the location on the wall where the mirror will hang using a pencil. The second set of hands could be required to hold the mirror as necessary.

Take measurements

Select a masonry drill bit that fits the diameter & is longer than the anchor by measuring the diameter and length of the masonry sleeve anchor you are using. The bit and anchor packing may also have the size printed on it. The wall hole cannot be significantly smaller or larger than the anchor for it to function effectively.

Careful drilling

Professionals of mirror work recommend using a strip of painter’s tape to mark the drill bit along the length of the anchor. This makes it simple to make sure that the hole is being drilled to the proper depth, and it should be only slightly deeper than for the anchor.

Use hammer drill

Experts suggest using a hammer drill as directed by the manufacturer to drill through the wall at the location that you specified. You might also use a regular drill, but be careful not to make the hole bigger than the anchor’s size.

Install anchor

Insert a screw into the sleeve anchor using a screwdriver. Take care not to overtighten the screw and stop when you meet firm resistance. Repeat the process to fasten additional anchors if your mirror has more than one piece of hanging hardware to fasten it to the wall.

Place a mirror

A heavy mirror needs support while being lifted and hung. Place the mirror just on anchors with caution. It should fit perfectly in the hanging device on the mirror. If not, you must obtain the necessary hardware and fasten it to the mirror.

Key tip

To hang the mirror securely, use a masonry sleeve anchor suited for the mirror’s weight. Use numerous anchors, spacing them at least six inches apart or ten times the diameter of the anchor, if one is unable to support the weight on its own.


When using power tools, use care. Before using, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Once installed, sleeve anchors might not be removed, but the screws that fasten them can be changed.

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