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How To Hang Tapestry On Ceiling

How To Hang Tapestry On Ceiling. A ceiling tapestry can completely change the look and feel of your home and living area. The ideal way to hang tapestries on the walls with a wonderful touch is also necessary.

How To Hang Tapestry On Ceiling

People are finding a way to escape from unnecessary noise by designing soundproof ceilings. There are some those who can’t bear the expense of soundproof ceilings and therefore they are using tapestries as an alternative.

Hanging huge, dense tapestries on your ceilings as well as on walls will absorb unwanted noise. The more substantial the tapestry, the better since it functions as a noise absorber and makes it difficult for sound to flow through.

tapestry in room
tapestry in room

How should a tapestry be hung from the ceiling is the question. Keep scrolling for the most stable and reliable solutions if you don’t want any cracks in your ceiling.

Determine position

First, determine the necessary area so that it is the same size as your tapestry.

Draw the pattern

Sketch the same designs on the ceiling and the reverse of your tapestry. When using a Velcro strap, you should mark the ceiling with identical Velcro tape lines (from the inside of your wall tapestry).

Stick base face to the ceiling

After completing step 2, attach the base face to the ceiling and the mirror image to the tapestry! If you have a particularly thick tapestry, think about putting some glue gun on the back of your Velcro.

Hanging your wall tapestry

Gradually begin hanging your wall tapestry from one end of the room to the other. You just need half the points of Velcro support because the polyester wall hanging tapestry is so much lighter. If all goes according to plan, your tapestry might be stretched and wrinkle-free.

Decide on a tapestry

One of the best options is a piece of fabric with a soft feel. Velcro is also compatible with lightweight tapestries and polyester-style clothing.

In order to fulfil both your own preferences for the material & design and this criterion, it is preferable for you to choose one based on this standard.

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