Top Ten Funny Things To Say Over Text

Top Ten Funny Things To Say Over Text. What could be better than a few witty asides to make these hard times a little more pleasant? These hilarious comments, witty one-liners, and dry puns will either make you laugh out loud or make you cry – but the fun is always laughter, and it is much needed.

Friendship is one of the most valuable blessings that the universe can bestow upon us. It is important to make our friends pleased by sharing some wonderfully hilarious moments that enrich and enrich our lives. Make such delightful moments by simply sending humorous text messages to your buddies, which will certainly make them laugh their problems away.

Top Ten Funny Things To Say Over Text

  • Sorry for being late; I just didn’t want to meet.
  • If you get the solution to this, lunch is on me, What is the world’s tallest building? … It has to be the library since there are so many stories there.
  • Hello, lovely. It’s time to stop crying because it’s over. Start laughing, since that ungrateful jerk isn’t your concern.
  • Eat everything because pizza, chocolate, and candy will not make you fat; it is you who will get fat.
  • While my friendship is not for sale, we can discuss a short-term lease.
  • What type of dog can jump higher than skyscrapers, since you believe you know more than I do? Because buildings cannot jump, the answer is “any dog.
  • Today is a really busy day for me… I’m doing a lot of nothing.
  • The key to a successful relationship is to avoid having one.
  • I value everyone’s opinion who agrees with me.
  • Today is an excellent day for me to dump you.
  • What you can chew today, don’t save for tomorrow.
  • Give up trying. Try to give up.
  • I’m not always hungry; I’m also tired at times.

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