Chinese social media applauds Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Chinese social media applauds Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At a time when Russia’s Putin government has finally launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine as expected by Western countries, especially the United States, Chinese social media controlled by the Chinese Communist government is flooded with cheers for Russia’s attack on Ukraine and claims that the war was initiated by Ukraine and the West. speech. These remarks echo the propaganda campaign that Russia launched before the war.

Chinese social media applauds Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on the evening of February 24, Beijing time. Before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin dispatched 150,000 Russian troops to surround Ukraine on three sides from Belarus, Russia and the Russian-occupied Crimea Peninsula. The Russian state media has repeatedly stated that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine, and that Russia’s imminent invasion of Ukraine is a shameless rumor and war incitement by countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Moscow’s pre-war propaganda echoes Beijing’s

At the same time, Western countries have warned that Russia is preparing to attack Ukraine with thieves shouting and catching thieves (the so-called false flag attacks in the English-speaking world), that is, falsely claiming that Ukraine started the war first. , Russia was forced to respond and fight back.

Earlier, Russia showed the alleged evacuation of refugees in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine controlled by Russian separatists, as well as video of alleged Ukrainian government forces shelling the area causing damage to buildings. Western researchers then showed evidence that the videos were pre-production performances, saying the Russian video production was too low-tech and too easy to debunk.

Despite this, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced recognition of the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine under the control of Russian separatists, formally sent Russian troops there in the name of peacekeeping, and made a televised speech saying that Ukraine was originally Part of Russia, now in the hands of Western puppets.

On the eve of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on February 23: “Some countries should think about the fact that the United States violated the agreement with Russia and sent NATO to the East five times. When expanding to Russia’s doorstep and deploying a large number of advanced offensive strategic weapons, have they thought about the consequences of forcing a big country to the Jedi?”

However, a few days before Hua Chunying’s remarks, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was invited to attend the Munich Security Conference by video in Beijing on February 19 and delivered a speech: “The sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries should be guaranteed. Respect and maintain it, because this is the basic norm of international relations, it reflects the purpose of the UN Charter, and it is also the principled position that China has always upheld, and Ukraine is no exception.”

Russia’s comprehensive invasion of Ukraine, Chinese officials and experts defended

Beijing time on February 24 On the evening of March 20, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Chinese official China News Network published a report on the situation from a Russian perspective:

“Russia claims to have destroyed 74 military targets on the ground in Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenko At a press conference on the 24th, Mr. Hu said that according to the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Putin on the 24th, the Russian Armed Forces launched a special military operation in the Donbas region. At present, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 74 Ukrainian ground military infrastructure. …

“Konashenkov said that the Ukrainian armed forces continued to shell the city of Donbass. There were casualties among civilians in Donetsk and Luhansk. Konashenkov said the Russian armed forces would not carry out any missile, air or ground artillery strikes on Ukrainian cities. The high-precision weapons of the Russian Armed Forces will only destroy the military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military airfields and aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. ”

While Moscow launched a war of aggression against Ukraine, Chinese experts with official backgrounds defended Russia’s actions. The Chinese media Yicai reported: “Professor Ma Xiaolin, dean of the Institute of Circum-Mediterranean Studies at Zhejiang University of Foreign Languages, told , The Russian military’s action this time is to ‘pull teeth’ for Ukraine, that is, to disarm Ukraine and deprive Ukraine of its national armed forces. Through the means of war, Russia completely stopped NATO’s eastward expansion, and even pushed back the achievements of NATO’s past expansion to maintain its own strategic bottom line. ”

On February 24th, the International Studies Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences held the 2022 International Symposium on the 24th. The official China News Agency reported that Sun Zhuangzhi, director of the Institute of Russian, Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed that “the escalation of this crisis is caused by the United States and some Western countries sticking to the Cold War mentality and ignoring Russia’s security interests. The top priority is to seek political Opportunities to resolve the Ukrainian crisis through dialogue and keep the conflict as small as possible.”

Chinese official-controlled social media applauds Russia’s invasion

On Sina Weibo, a Chinese social media tightly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, applauding Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, The posts defending the Russian army who invaded Ukraine accounted for the majority, such as:

It’s right to fuck Ukraine, beat him to the death, weren’t you very happy when you engaged in the colour revolution a few years ago? Didn’t they choose the actor president by themselves? Those who brush “the worst civilians”! ! Do you know how Russia fought first? ? They didn’t hit civilians at all! Among the Ukrainian civilians accidentally injured by the Russian troops, are there many Ukrainian civilians injured by the Ukrainian troops’ shelling?

There are also many posts threatening Taiwan with the example of the Russian army attacking Ukraine:

The Gulf (Note: the Gulf, a contempt for the Taiwanese by the Chinese nationalists who support the CCP) is optimistic, Ukraine will only demonstrate once, and modern warfare The same is true for speed: dispatch troops in the morning, unify at noon, issue ID cards for nucleic acid testing in the afternoon, watch the news broadcast together in the evening, raise the national flag the next morning, and play the national anthem!

Voices different from the main theme of praising the Russian invasion have

been in the past few years. In China, the CCP’s network management authorities have comprehensively strengthened their control over online public opinion, especially social media. Sina Weibo and other social media platforms strictly monitor and block speeches that criticize or contradict the main theme advocated by the authorities. Thousands of users have been banned, banned, or bombed.

At a time when Russia, China’s strategic partner, is invading Ukraine, cheers for the aggression have become the main rhythm on Chinese social media, especially Sina Weibo. However, there are still netizens who risk making sounds different from this main rhythm:

– No one stands in line! For Ukraine, the military is not strong! Although Ukraine is a country, joining any organization depends on the attitude of its neighbours. Is this a sovereign country? It is true that Ukraine seeks military power to protect their national sovereignty by joining NATO! Russia has the right to speak because of its strength! The peripheral security that Russia is capable of guaranteeing can, in exaggeration, instruct a country! ! This is simply invisible interference in internal affairs!

CCTV live broadcasts the battle of Ukraine and Russia, the battlefield is far away from us! The eight-child chain girl in Fengxian County, Xuzhou is very close to us! If your mother, wife and daughter are kidnapped by others! Are you heartbroken? Are you live-streaming foreign wars, or live-streaming the tragedy of your own relatives! Have a good conscience! Is it worthy of a character?!

The “eight-child chain girl in Fengxian County, Xuzhou” mentioned by the netizen apparently refers to a woman whose identity is still unknown in Fengxian County, Xuzhou, who was exposed a month ago and was chained to a chain. The woman, who allegedly gave birth to eight children, made millions of Chinese fearful that they or their daughters were just a sap (and then kidnapped) away from her.

So far, the Chinese government’s handling of the case has been widely seen as a blatant cover-up. This situation has exacerbated the concerns of the Chinese public. In today’s China, thousands of people are kidnapped (or what China calls “trafficking”) every year.

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