Teaching Dental Hygiene To Preschoolers

Teaching Dental Hygiene To Preschoolers. It is important to start teaching your children basic dental hygiene & oral care at an early age in order to help avoid gum disease. As we all witness how clever children are at dodging the important stuff that keeps them healthy — eating their vegetables, getting to bed early, and practising proper oral health — which can be difficult for most parents. Kids must practise good oral hygiene to avoid future dental issues.

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Children must practise good oral hygiene to avoid future dental concerns such as cavities, infections, pain, and overcrowding caused by tooth loss. You’ll need a strong dental routine to help you develop useful oral hygiene as well as care for your child.

Teaching Dental Hygiene To Preschoolers

A great dental practice that is also exciting is required to help make strong oral hygiene habits. Use these guidelines to get your youngster to brush and floss their teeth.

Set a good example

Be the source of good dental hygiene & oral habits. If they witness you cleaning and flossing your teeth every day, they will want to do the same. Make sure they observe you brush & floss your teeth while you appear to be having a good time. Kids love to imitate whatever you do, and if you’re successful, you’ll soon find them pretend-brushing their teeth in no time!

Allow choosing a favourite toothbrush

There are so many adorable kids’ favourite character toothbrushes available in the stores. Let your youngsters find one that they like. This can increase their interest in brushing their teeth. Sing a beautiful toothbrush poem to ensure kids brush their teeth for the recommended one minute.

Choose fluoride-containing children’s toothpaste to preserve their pearly whites from cavities.

Give a prize

It’s fine to give them a tiny reward for good dental hygiene. We generally avoid sugary foods in favour of a special sticker, a goodnight tale, or a unique pencil box. You know your children’s preferences better than anyone else, so take advantage of this opportunity to capitalise on what they enjoy when it refers to dental care.

Take dental appointments

Show your children that you, too, must get routine dental and practise proper oral hygiene. It communicates to your children it is all a regular part of life. This allows them to be connected to the family doctor and become familiar with the atmosphere so that the next time it isn’t as unusual or unfamiliar. A competent doctor will make your children giggle and keep them interested, making the session enjoyable and pleasant.

Play dental games

Encourage children to brush their toy animals’ teeth and explain to them the importance of brushing and flossing. Colgate has a variety of dental game suggestions that educate children on the importance of maintaining their gums and teeth.

Find a friendly dentist

Who recalls what it was like to go to a nasty doctor as a child? It was a terror. Get a child-friendly doctor with a warm, welcoming team who can work successfully with kids of different ages. The environment should be friendly, with activities, a well-lit studio, amusing character posters or characters, and a dentist who can entertain and engage your children at their level.

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