Weird things narcissists do needs to know

Weird things narcissists do that everyone needs to know. A narcissist is a person who behaves like a chameleon that often causes problems in personal or professional relationships.

A narcissist is a person who disrespects other people just to satisfy his ego.

Weird things narcissists do

A narcissist is a person who can’t see others’ progress just because he is not successful. Keep scrolling if you want to know what Weird things narcissists do.

Continuously disrespect you

A narcissist likes to disrespect you frequently. They even threaten or humiliate you publicly for a minor reason or sometimes for no reason. They will frequently humiliate you in public or threaten to use anything embarrassing against you. This is their attempt to manipulate and humiliate you. Humiliation is used to keep you in balance.

Always blame you

They even blame you for their own faults. Everything that goes bad with a narcissist is the fault of someone else since they are convinced that they are always correct. For example, if you both arrive late for an event because they arrived later than expected, you will be accused of reserving the improper time slot to visit. They won’t even confess their mistakes, let alone own up to their flaws.

Big hypocrite

They always exercise hypocrisy. Rules that pertain to you do not apply to a narcissist. For example, they will criticize and shout at you for a minor error you make, yet it is no big issue when they make the same error. In fact, if you confront them about it, they will explode, making you regret calling them out at all.

Extremely selfish

Narcissists are very selfish and always love to be self-centered. They constantly consider how something will benefit them first and foremost before considering others. For them, self-interest comes first. Even in intimate relationships, they are extremely selfish.

When you ask them to help you with something, such as taking you to a medical examination, they will demonstrate that they must immediately be somewhere.

They will never refer you to anyone in order to further your work or career opportunities. In fact, if you ask them what they think of you, they will almost certainly identify your flaws.

Hold grudges weird things narcissists do

They hold grudges without any major concern. Remember that if you tell a narcissist they are incorrect, they will hold it for a lifetime and harbor a grudge for the rest of their lives. They do not forgive even tiny slights & feel so good about themselves only after taking their revenge on you.

Misuse your name

They misuse your name for their own advantage. A narcissist seeks adoration and acceptance. To guarantee that you obey them, they will first harm your relationships with others by deliberately spreading tales about you. They will then ensure that people lose faith in you, and you will finally be left alone. When you’ve no friends, you have no choice except to join the narcissist, who will keep you under their control.

Chameleon nature

A narcissist behaves like a chameleon. They adopt different personality characteristics depending on who they are dealing with. They will be exceedingly kind and courteous to one person while being cruel and uncaring to another. In fact, they will be nice to their peers one moment and shout at you the next for no apparent reason.

Deliberately against you

Narcissists are obstinate in their refusal to do something for you. They purposefully disrespect the tasks you gave to them. They deliberately don’t cooperate with you and feel happiness while going against you.

Abuse you silently

They abuse using silent treatment. If a narcissist is know of your sincere or generous personality, they will use it to their advantage by forcing you to agree with their demands. They accomplish this by subjecting you to quiet treatment. They will refuse to speak to you and will send you frigid feelings until you collapse in and surrender to them.

Chronic interrupters weird things narcissists do

They will not allow you to finish. They are chronic conversation killers and interrupters. When you two are conversing, they will cut you off and take over the conversation to share their problems.

Interrupting you is what keeps the discussion exciting and lively for them. It reflects their gilded feeling of self-importance.

They typically do not try in a group setting because they are terrified of being labeled as narcissistic.

Ruin your happiness

They love to stop you from relaxing. One of the strange things narcissists do is undermine your happy and relaxed times. They will do things on purpose to ruin your happiness. If they couldn’t find something big they will stop you from doing things as basic as completing a nap.

Even if you’ve had a hard day or are ill, a narcissist may start an argument when you’re sleeping. They could do something radical like an attempt to pull you out of bed. To make things a bit worse, a narcissist has no difficulty keeping you awake all night fussing… typically over little matters.

Weird things narcissists do

Though narcissists appear calm, cool, & composed on the outside, they are extremely stressful to be around when in a close relationship with them.

These people are usually manipulators who enchant others with their charming manner. This makes it simple for them to persuade people to believe in a distorted image of you that they have built.

If you look attentively at the typical indications of a narcissist, you can see through the façade.

With no offense, this post is dedicated to one of my teachers who is afraid of the bright light.

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