Swedish journalist becomes story of Beijing quarantine

Swedish journalist becomes story of Beijing quarantine. A Swedish journalist who was taken away in isolation in an ambulance at the Beijing Winter Olympics has found a way to keep working by writing a daily diary of his quarantine in China, the newspaper Express, which works for him.

Swedish journalist becomes story of Beijing quarantine

Philip Gadd tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving in Beijing on Wednesday and soon found himself isolated in a designated quarantine hotel.

In his first column published by the Express, Gard described his experience as a “cosmic man” — officials in hazmat suits from head to toe — sending him to the facility away from competing athletes and media covering the Winter Olympics. .

Gard also has his own protective gear, complete with masks, face shields, gloves and a white head-to-toe protective suit.

“It was a horrible experience, it didn’t feel real. It felt like I was in a movie, a sci-fi movie or something,” he told Reuters via Zoom. “It was

really hard to understand what happened to me. My home is far away. I’m from Sweden, so I came from afar, and it’s just me, nobody speaks, and I’m still in the ambulance.”

Journalists covering the Winter Olympics have to be tested for the new crown every day, must wear masks, and mix The district was separated from the athletes they interviewed by metal barriers.

Gard tested negative Saturday and is awaiting a second negative test result to be able to join his colleagues in covering the cross-country program as planned.

He said the hotel’s internet was good and he was able to help their colleagues remotely.

Many quarantined athletes have complained about a lack of food, but Gard said that wasn’t a problem. Apart from his friends, relatives and girlfriends, what he misses most is the freedom to choose.

“I think the first thing I do when I leave here is pick up a menu at a restaurant and pick what I want. That’s the thing I miss the most,” he said.

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