Summer makeup looks all you need to know

Summer makeup looks like all you need to know. Summer has many wonderful aspects, but melting foundation, smudged eyeliner, as well as sticky lipgloss is not among them.

Summer makeup looks all you need to know

So we requested top makeup artists and experts for their popular summer makeup tips, such as the latest trends and products to wear to keep your face looking natural, fresh, and pretty even when you’re dripping with sweat on hot days. Keep scrolling if you are looking for the latest summer make-up looks all you need to know.

Begin with the moisturiser

The way you take care of your skin is just as significant as the makeup you use. “In the morning, use an oil-free moisturiser,” an expert advises, and choose an oil-free foundation formula to best fit. These are less likely to keep your face greasy all day, especially in hot weather.

Use primer before makeup

“Primers are certainly the way to go in the summer,” says a famous makeup artist. They truly help to hold makeup in place without having to feel like a heavy extra layer. Wearing primer before makeup softens wrinkles and blurs imperfections while maintaining the makeup on your face! You won’t be disappointed with the few seconds it takes to apply a skincare primer, which goes on after moisturiser but before face makeup.

Apply sunscreen

Aside from hydrating your skin, you should also protect it from the sun, which means wearing broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen daily, even under makeup.

Use light makeup foundation

The best summer foundations are breathable and lightweight with light-to-medium coverage that is generally on the sheerer side. CC creams, BB creams, as well as tinted moisturisers are all excellent summer foundation alternatives because they are less heavy and give a more natural-looking finish.

Sunshine makeup tip: Give a very light touch of any quality compact powder after wearing your make-up foundation or BB creams. This will definitely help you keep long-lasting makeup with less sweat.

Leave out the shimmer

Everyone enjoys a nice hydrating glow, but there is a big difference between a natural radiance as well as an excessive shine. “Minimize cream foundations or anything that’s too luminous,” the Makeup artist advises, “because the humidity will make you shinier & sweaty-looking if you have too much radiance on your skin.

Eye Makeup Looks

Use an eye primer instead of eye cream on your lids for longer-lasting eyeshadow. According to a famous makeup artist, “it will minimise creasing & create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer.” Coat a powder eye shadow just over a cream eye shadow for all-day wear. Doubling up on eyeliner also works. First, apply your routine pencil or cream liner, and use a small angled brush to tap dark shadow well over the liner to set it for longer wear.

Sunshine makeup tips: Use a dark black waterproof eye pencil with a double coat of mascara for an elegant and chic look.

Summer lipstick shades Makeup Looks

For the summer, ditch your basic lipsticks in favour of the season’s finest trend. Summer lipsticks are either pink or plum in colour. They look as cool as possible. Ignore overly bright as well as too many warm colours, such as oranges & red, just as you would with your blusher. Choose between a matte and a shiny finish.

Sunshine makeup tip: For a more traditional summer look, try sweet pink or peach shades, or go bold with tangerine & cherry colours.

Use a makeup setting spray

The final step in making your makeup last throughout the day and night is to seal it with a good-quality makeup setting spray.

Hope this summer makeup looks all you need to know and will certainly be helpful. If you are prepping for going out just have a look at other makeup trends including nude makeup look, pink eye makeup, natural makeup tips for oily skin and brown eye makeup but don’t forget your nails so have a look at trendy summer pastel nail designs.

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