Russia invaded Ukraine, why China and Russia blame other countries

Russia invaded Ukraine, why China and Russia blame other countries. The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, came under fire from Russian troops on Friday. After Russia invaded Ukraine, it was strongly condemned and sanctioned by countries such as the United States and the European Union. Not only has China never called Russia’s actions an “invasion,” it also accused the United States and its allies of “hyping up” the Ukrainian crisis, “raising tensions,” and “inciting the danger of war.”

Russia invaded Ukraine, why China and Russia blame other countries

Analysts believe that this is because the United States provided weapons to Ukraine in response to the war panic caused by Russia’s deployment of troops on the Ukrainian border at that time, which was considered by China and Russia to be a “foot-digging” move.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a document late at night on Friday (February 25), expounding Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s five-point position on the Ukraine issue, including “China firmly advocates respecting and safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries”, “One country’s security cannot be harmed by other countries’ security.” “At the cost of security”, “Welcome Russia and Ukraine to talk and negotiate as soon as possible”, etc., the arguments seem to be softened compared with the frequent “fire” at the United States in the past few days.

Earlier in the day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not name names at a press conference, saying that in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “the real reputation is damaged by those countries that wantonly interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and wage wars everywhere in the name of democracy and human rights. “; He also said, “Individual countries create crises, transfer crises, and profit from crises.”

Another Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, directly named the United States at a press conference the day before, saying: “The United States has been raising tensions and inciting the danger of war for some time. More than 1,000 tons of weapons and ammunition worth at least $1.5 billion were shipped.”

Wyze: China and Russia believe the US is poaching

Dr. Richard Weitz, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, a U.S. think tank, told VOA that the U.S. did support Ukraine and the U.S. would not stand idly by while Ukraine was threatened by a powerful enemy, Russia. However, “in Russia’s eyes, the United States is poaching. China has the same mentality. On the issues of Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan, China also believes that the West wants to weaken and divide China. Putin feels the same.”

Whites said that Putin believes in the logic that Ukraine is not a real country, but a “fictitious country”, “it was cut off from Russia by the West to weaken Russia. He thus justified Russia’s aggressive behavior.”

Professor Yohann Petrovsky-Shtern of Northwestern University told the ABC that his family in Ukraine had taken shelter and that “a sovereign democracy is going to be A part of Europe, and another authoritarian country does not want to see such a thing happening there… In those years, many former Soviet republics each declared their independence, the Russian Federation recognized and the relevant documents were signed. In particular, the independent culture and language of Ukraine can be traced back to Hundreds of years ago, there was a nationalist movement against the tsar in the 19th century.”

Elizabeth Shackelford of The Chicago Council of Global Affairs also told the ABC that Putin chose to turn a blind eye to Ukraine’s centuries-old history of independence.

U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright under President Clinton wrote in The New York Times that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “was a historic mistake.”

Rather than paving the way for Russia, Albright said, “it would ensure Putin’s reputation and leave his country diplomatically isolated and economically isolated in the face of a stronger, more united Western alliance. Paralyzed, strategically vulnerable.”

After Ukraine war, China and Russia will be closer

Former Secretary of State Albright said that Putin is now more dependent on China, but he once said that China does not conform to his way of thinking, “Our way of thinking is European. Russia must firmly become part of the West, “That’s what Putin said to Albright more than 20 years ago.

In his Monday speech , Putin said Ukraine had no right to independence , but an inseparable part of Russia, “it is a kind of sinister from the heart”, however, there are two huge factors that “fueled the fire” of the crisis.

One factor, Friedman said, was that the U.S. “decided to expand NATO after the disintegration of the Soviet Union,” and that another factor played a bigger role. expansion, bringing the Russians to his side to cover up his colossal failures in leadership.”

The current situation will push Russia further toward China, “it’s inevitable,” and perhaps the Russians “will also feel obligated to help China occupy Taiwan and deal with Japan,” Wyze of the Hudson Institute told VOA.

Xi hosted Putin in Beijing earlier this month, and in a joint statement the two sides said they supported Moscow’s opposition to NATO’s expansion in the former Soviet republics, while Moscow supported Beijing’s “one China” policy, which claims autonomy. Taiwan is a breakaway province of China.

According to the analysis, this is a key diplomatic “consensus” between Beijing and Moscow; it is obvious to all that Sino-Russian relations have become closer after Xi Jinping came to power.

Former Secretary of State Albright said: “Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping like to say that we now live in a multipolar world . While this is self-evident, it does not mean that great powers have the right to be the same as they did centuries ago. divide the world into spheres of influence, as colonial empires did.” Albright said that more than 20 years after Putin came to power, he “turned to Stalin’s tactics and rejected democratic development.”

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