Pink Eye Makeup For A Soft Natural Look

Pink eye makeup for a soft natural look is a timeless trend. Pink is such a bright colour, you must keep your eye makeup neutral when wearing it. Eyes are the most essential feature of your makeup look as it is said eyes speak more than words. It will seem too stark if you keep your eye makeup harsh with a casual dress.

Pink eye makeup is a fun, adorable way to add some colour to your everyday appearance. Pink makeup ranges from soft pink to dark tints and many other pleasant hues. Choose a shade that complements your skin complexion and eyes. Apply the makeup to your upper eyelid, along with some liner and mascara, for a beautiful but delicate look.

Note: Never use pink colour inside the eyes because pink eyes are connected with illness, even be cautious while using pink eyeliner. Do not use it on the bottom lower lashes, and do not use a too-red tint.

Sunshine Makeup Tips: If you are confused in choosing a perfect makeup look then wear pink makeup because it looks absolutely and always beautiful on girls.

Here is an ultimate guideline to get a complete eye makeup look. Keep scrolling if you want to steal the show with your delicate look but don’t forget to share it with your girl gang.

Know your colour complexion

First of all, be clear about your colour complexion. Depending on your skin tone, certain colours of pink might look more or less attractive. Consider what colours will look right good on you before choosing pink eye makeup.
If you have a pale complexion, a lighter shade will look not good, whereas a stronger tone will be more reasonable. For example, Pale pink will not look fine against your dark complexion, but deep shades like fuchsia and berry would look quite attractive.
Note: Pale pinks look better on lighter skin than bold pinks. Shades that are very bright may be too much for lighter skin. If you have cold undertones, try a petal pink, and if you have warm undertones, try a peach.

Look at your eye colour

Consider your eye colour. Different colours complement different eye colours. Consider what colours of pink may likely complement your eyes before selecting one.
If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck since a broad range of shades will complement them. You would be able to pick from a range of pink tones varying from quite light to extremely dark. Choose a colour that contrasts with your hair’s undertones. If you have golden blonde hair, consider a calm rose pink.

  • Go for soft pink tones in mauve or rose gold if your eyes are blue eyes.
  • Choose cold pinks with a little bit of lavender undertones if your eyes are green.

Do experiments with eye makeup

Try some experimentation. Selecting the ideal shade requires effort even if it includes your skin tone and eye colour. The colours of your eye whites, as well as any dark spots, dislocations, or scars on your face, can all affect how well a shade looks on you. It’s a good idea to go to a makeup shop and try on different pink tints until you discover one that looks well on you.

  • To save money, look for a tiny sample of eye makeup.
  • When you’re testing, you can also get less expensive eye makeup. When you found an eye shadow that you like, you may get it costly, a better-quality eye shadow.

How to do eye make-up?

Apply a good quality primer to the eyelids before using direct eye shadow. Primer will support your eye shadow to stay in place and stand out, as well as level out the skin tone on your eyelids. Use your fingers while applying eye makeup.

Note: Make use of primer carefully. Too much primer may not dry well it may result in a smudged shadow. Choose a thin, matte eye primer to prevent affecting the colour of your eye makeup.

Apply a little amount of primer under your eyelids and then use eye shadow if you wish.

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