Parsons insists on CCTV’s explanation

Parsons insists on CCTV’s explanation. International Paralympic Games President Parsons said he was still waiting for an explanation from China over the disruption to the live broadcast of his speech at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Beijing.

Parsons insists on CCTV’s explanation

Parsons addressed the recent outbreak of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his speech at the Paralympics opening ceremony on Friday. He made it clear that he opposed the war while calling for peace. The CCP media CCTV, which broadcast live, did not interpret this part of the speech in Chinese or sign language.

Regarding this apparent “speech censorship” behavior, the spokesperson of the International Paralympic Committee said that day that CCTV should explain.

In an interview with AFP on March 10, Parsons replied, “Not yet (received an explanation from China). We are asking for an explanation. We are still waiting for them to state their position, or to provide an explanation.”

“We’re going to have to wait and see what they have to say,” Parsons said.

Parsons condemned the war in his opening remarks, telling a Chinese audience at Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium that “the 21st century is an era of dialogue and diplomacy, not war and hatred.” He said he was “horrified” by the ongoing war.

Parsons also specifically mentioned that the United Nations resolution stipulates that the “Olympic Truce” is implemented during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, that is, no country can go to war during the two games.

In his speech, Parsons emphasized that the resolution, passed by 193 member states, “must be respected and abided by, and not violated.”

However, CCTV refused to translate Parsons’ words. The outside world also noticed that when he made these remarks, the broadcast voice of CCTV was obviously lowered.

Beijing’s attitude towards the war has caused dissatisfaction in most countries around the world. It refuses to condemn Russia’s aggression, publicly declaring that cooperation between China and Russia is “no restricted area”, “unlimited” and “endless”.

Observers said that the reason why the Chinese authorities did not hesitate to stand on the opposite side of human justice to defend the aggressor and support Russia in this Russian-Ukrainian war was mainly out of the need to confront the United States. As the U.S.-China confrontation unfolds, Beijing finds itself with few international backers, the only one it can draw on is its military power to the north, Russia.

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the United States, Europe and many countries in the world have joined various sanctions against Russia. In terms of sporting events, various sanctions against Russia are also rapidly unfolding. Under pressure from many countries and athletes, the International Paralympic Games rejected the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus, which supports Russia. But this news was blocked by the Chinese state media.

For Parsons’ anti-war speech, major US social media Twitter and YouTube reacted very strongly. Many netizens praised Parsons’ boldness and courage, and some ridiculed the International Olympic Committee for letting China host the Winter Olympics. The Olympics and the Paralympic Games are self-defeating. “This is the result of you allowing an authoritarian country to host the Olympics,” DW quoted a Twitter user as saying.

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