Infatuation Signs To know: How Long Does Infatuation Last

Infatuation Signs To know: How Long Does Infatuation Last? Infatuation is defined as strong feelings of attraction or emotional connection for something or someone, especially when these feelings are unrealistic and do not last long. The key point of this notion is that infatuation is temporary and does not last long.

Infatuation Signs

One of the most obvious signs of infatuation is the fleeting nature of your feelings. Infatuation is intense. You develop sentiments for someone, but these are usually fleeting and obsessive.

Infatuation Signs to know
Infatuation Signs to know

Everything about the person you’re in infatuation with appears to be perfect, and they appear to be ‘The Perfect One,’ but only for a short moment. Their mere existence fills your world with nonstop smiles, and you are constantly thinking of a perfect ‘happily ever after with them. This is how an infatuation relationship looks.

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Note: The line between love & infatuation is razor thin. You might think you’re in love, but it could just be an attraction.

Keep scrolling to know some interesting signs of infatuation.

interesting signs of infatuation
interesting signs of infatuation

Ideal person

It is one of the clearest signs of a girl or boy’s infatuation. You are so obsessed with that person and start thinking everything about him/her is perfect for you. They become everything to you, and you keep on telling yourself that you’re fortunate to have them in your life.

You see perfection and expect it. You think you have encountered the “perfect” person and even the “ideal” relationship because you are in so-called love. All you can see seem to be their best characteristics, such as their looks, success, or abilities. You, on the other hand, are blind to their flaws, insecurities, and flaws.

Note: As a result, when differences of opinion and conflicts arise in the relations, you feel as if something is unfair & give up quickly.

Over obsessed

Your thoughts become intrusive. If you’re in infatuation with someone, they never leave your thoughts. You think about them while eating, breathing, and sleeping. You get obsessed with your so-called new relationship.


Your conversations cannot be called “actual conversations” because they are 80 per cent flirting. Almost every conversation involves both of you flirting and praising each other nonstop. It’s as if there’s nothing else to talk about. Because there is nothing else to say. This is an undeniable sign of mutual delight.

Yes, flirting is healthy, but only to a point. Try to find what takes place if you talk about something less exciting around your ideal person. For sure he/she is uninterested in mundane things like your daily routine. If this is just infatuation the next person starts losing interest in this case.

Remember: If you are in love with someone you’ll never experience any dull moment around that person no matter what you discuss or do. This is a big different infatuation vs. love debate

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Desperation acts

Desperation is one of the most obvious signs of infatuation. When you’re in love with someone, every emotion is amplified to the point where you want things to move as fast as possible. You’re desperate to move things along, though you know it’s probably all actually going to happen too quickly.

Start cancelling plans

You set everything aside for them. When you’re in infatuation, you try to cancel plans at the last moment with your family and friends in order to spend time with your new relationship. You put everything on hold in trying to impress or see them. You love to play games with that special someone. As couples wanted to spend maximum time together. So would you rather questions for couples is a quite lovely fun thing to ask from one another.

Start rushing to tag

It’s all moving too quickly. You appear to be in a hurry to take your things to the next level. You don’t consider taking some time out or spending quality time together. All you want to do is label each other like sweethearts or probably wanna tag in as a good relationship. This is one of the signboards of a girl or boy’s infatuation, and it can be disastrous because you may enter a relationship without wanting to.

Dreamy lifestyle

You want everything in your world to be perfect. You desire the ideal relationship with your other half, which is nothing more than a fantasy. Nothing can jeopardise your relationship because you are living in an illusion generated by your own thoughts. Your ideas and expectations of them are what make this connection what it is, and anything that threatens that causes you to panic.

Bless your delusional heart

Finally, it’s important to say it aloud: You think you’re in love, but it’s really just an extreme attraction covered with pleasure. You can’t see straight because you can’t think straight. The infatuation drives you pretty deep into your delusions, making you fantasise about a perfect life with a perfect person who does not exist outside of your own head.

Love goes beyond appearances

When you looooove someone, you see beyond their physical appearance. They may be intelligent, handsome, or lovely, but what should matter to you is your emotional bond with your person. Attraction is more concerned with appearances, meanwhile, love is more genuine and personal.

Love sustains while attraction fades

If you really are attracted to someone, the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ formula will work for you. However, when you are in love, you desire the person, even more, when they are not present. You won’t feel it much, but they are always in your thoughts, and you perceive things from the perception of ‘what if they were here?’

How long does infatuation last?

It all depends on how long you remain confused about your thoughts and emotions and blunder infatuation for love. If you’re unsure, consider what you want from a relationship.

Note: Don’t take yourself for granted. Accept your emotions for someone carefully and don’t confuse infatuation with love.

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