How to stop hair loss in teenage girl

How to stop hair loss in teenage girl? Hair loss at any age is disturbing, causing anxiety and weakening personality. On the other hand, it can be extremely upsetting for teenagers. In teens, it is frequently a severe problem, such as a vitamin shortage or hormonal imbalance. However, hair loss in adolescents is usually temporary, and the hair will regrow once the condition is resolved.

How to stop hair loss in teenage girl

Stress or anxiety can cause hair loss in anyone, especially teenagers. Dealing with hair loss can be challenging. It may result in low self-esteem. Scroll in this post to know the reasons and solutions to stop hair loss in teenage girl.

Causes of hair loss in teenage girl

Check out the main reasons for hair loss in teenage girl.

Nutritional deficiency

Teenage girls who do not eat enough healthy foods may experience hair loss. Excessive diets and exercise can also contribute to hair loss.


Anemia, or iron insufficiency, is a major cause of hair loss in young girls. If you suspect you have anaemia, consult your doctor about taking an iron supplement.

Bad eating habits

Teenagers aren’t usually the healthiest eaters. Snacking or junk foods instead of complete, nutritious foods can contribute to hair thinning. Hair loss can also be caused by crash diets and excessive exercise.

Hormonal changes

Hormone-related disorders such as thyroid disease, lupus, & polycystic ovarian syndrome are more common in adolescence. Unfortunately, several of these endocrine disorders can result in hair loss.


Antibiotics, as well as medicines for acne and depression, are commonly prescribed for teenagers. These medications can cause hair loss. This cause of hair loss is pretty frequent, with 85 per cent of young people suffering from acne and 20 per cent of teens experiencing depression.


Hair growth may decrease or cease, and hair fibres may become weak and split. Water makes up one-quarter of a healthy strand of hair, therefore dehydration causes your hair to lose strength and volume. Severe dehydration can also hasten hair loss.


Teenagers might experience a lot of stress due to physical and emotional changes, as well as school and work-related duties. Unfortunately, stress is a significant contributor to hair thinning.

Excessive styling

Chemical treatments such as bleaching, relaxing, dyeing, & perming can cause hair loss. Excessive use of high-hot heat tools can also cause hair strands to break off.

How to stop hair loss in teenage girl

Consult a dermatalogist

Speak with your doctor if you’re not sure what’s causing your hair loss. Your doctor can determine whether your hair loss is caused by an underlying condition. And can recommend a treatment.

Eat-in balance

Teens must eat a diet high in nutrients, fruits, vegetables, & healthy fats to promote healthy hair growth. Avoid fad diets & cleanses, which can trigger hair loss.

If you’re an athlete, make sure you’re getting enough calories to fuel your workouts.

Stay positive

Engage in positive behaviours that relieve stress naturally. Exercise, meditation, get plenty of sleep, & make time in your calendar for pleasure.

Drink a lot of water

Water accounts for over 25% of the weight of even a single strand of hair, believe it or not. Drinking at least two litres of water per day will strengthen your hair and promote development. Hair development is instantly halted by dehydration. Our hair, as previously indicated, requires moisture (preferably soft water for your hair).

Take enough sleep

A good night’s sleep is important for protein synthesis in the hair as well as the release of enzymes & growth hormones that are required for general hair health. The way your body’s natural hormones are affected by sleep is probably the most important aspect of avoiding hair loss.

Add beans in diet

Beans are high in protein, iron, zinc, and biotin, all of which are necessary for good hair health. They may help hair growth when used together.

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