How to Make Tea without Tea Bags

How to Make Tea without Tea Bags? Pour boiling water over tea leaves, wait 2-3 mins before straining, and your tea is ready. Doesn’t it seem simple? That’s not the case. Making the finest cup of tea often necessitates a great deal more patience, the proper amount of tea leaves & water, as well as the proper teaware and accessories.

When switching from tea bags to loose-leaf tea, getting a strainer may be the very first thing you do. You may have even put off trying loose tea even though you believed you lacked the necessary equipment. The great news is that you only need a mug and a few common kitchen tools. Sometimes a glass of water is all that is needed to brew loose-leaf tea.

How to Make Tea without Tea Bags?

  1. Take a teapot
  2. Add one cup of water to the teapot
  3. Place it on the stove.
  4. Add a teaspoon of loose-leaf tea to the water
  5. Boil water for 1 minute
  6. Now add some milk and sugar according to the taste
  7. After 1 -2 minutes switch off the stove strain/ infuse the tea into a cup and enjoy.
tea without tea bags
tea without tea bags

Essentials to know

Infuser or a strainer? What is the major difference?

Strainers & infusers are two distinct tea utensils that can be used for either steeping or straining. A tea ball, infusion spoon, or tea basket is the most common infuser. Strainers with handles & regular kitchen strainers are the most popular strainers. Almost any strainer can be utilized as an infuser, & even some infusers can also serve as strainers. But what if you don’t have either, or even if the tea strainer is just too small to allow the tea to expand?

Making use of a strainer

If you don’t have an infuser but have a strainer, you might brew tea in one mug and strain it into a separate using a cooking strainer. Alternatively, if your strainer is large enough just to rest on the mug, place the leaves in it & pour boiled water over it. Most all grocery stores sell kitchen strainers.

Without a strainer, how do you strain tea?

However, if you don’t have a strainer and prefer to brew your tea in a glass or mug, making a fantastic cup of tea might be even more challenging. This is an option.

Make use of a small plate

A simple mug, cup, and small saucer are required to make tea without a strainer. Choose thin-walled cups. They’ll be easier to handle and lighter than heavy coffee or tea cups. Use a relatively small saucer that fits easily in your hands. Steep the tea in some kind of cup, and afterward cover it with a small saucer with a small opening to block tea leaves from falling into another mug. Pour the tea into the other mug while holding it with your hands. This method is appropriate for teas that should be brewed with a lower water temp to avoid being burnt.

Strain tea with cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is probably one of the most useful kitchen tools you can have. Place a small cloth loosely on top of the empty mug & pour the tea from the brewing mug. In order to get the most out of your tea leaves, make a tiny sachet out of cheesecloth and utilize it for yet another infusion. You can also use it to work on making it using tea bags from dry loose-leaf tea.

Strain tea with cheesecloth
Strain tea with cheesecloth

Make use of a flour-sieve

A flour sifter can also be used to strain the tea. However, some sifters are quite large and might even consider leaving your kitchen messier than you’d like.

Fork as a strainer

If you don’t have a cheesecloth or even a flour sieve and don’t want to make a big clutter in the kitchen, you can strain the tea leaves with a regular fork. First, steep the leaves in a mug or small saucepan. Using a fork, carefully add the tea from the first mug/saucepan into the second.

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