How To Hang Plants From Ceiling

How To Hang Plants From Ceiling? A hanging plant is an amazing way to complement your home interiors. A hanging plant with a pot creates a welcoming living space when coupled with stylish wall art.

If you want to decorate your home with colourful succulents and different types of jade plants then probably you are looking at how to hang plants from ceiling. If is it so then scroll on this page for getting some easy ways:

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Collect your tools

A hanging hook (curved swag hooks work better), a hinged fastener, a hanging chain, and just a drill with the right drill bit (5/8-inch is the standard size for most ceiling hooks) are required. You’ll also require the potted plant.

Choose the proper position

The safest way of hanging indoor hanging houseplants is onto a solid wood stud, such as a ceilings joist. If you have a stud finder, you may use it to identify the nearest joist. If a stud is not readily available, you may mount a hanging potted plant into standard ceiling drywall by using a swag hook with a hinged clip that comes out once pushed through the drywall.

Drill a hole through the ceiling

Firmly push your drill into the ceilings with the 5/8-inch drill bit. When drilling into a strong stud, the procedure is simple. If you are drilling into sheetrock without a stud behind it, you will need to expand the hole to accommodate the hinged clip. Once the clip has passed through the drywall, it will expand, making it hard to remove without hurting the ceiling, so be sure you place it correctly.

Set up the hook

Screw the swag hooks into the pre-drilled hole for solid wood attachment. Insert your hooks into the hinge clip, then press the entire device into the ceiling till the clip expands & holds in place. The bottom of the swag hook should cover the hole you cut to accommodate the clip. Otherwise, you’ll have to fix the ceiling.

Hang your plants

You can now hang your plant with the hanging pot holder in place. There are several styles to pick from (shelf-style plant hangers, twine hangers, homemade macrame plant hangers, heavy-duty chain hangers), so select one that both effectively supports your plant pot and compliments the aesthetic of your area.
Living spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms, & kitchens all benefit from having hanging plants. Hangers may also be used to hang plants outside by connecting the hook to a trellis or patio overhang.

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