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How To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

How To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing. Tiles are usually simple to clean, but grout is a very different issue. You’ve probably asked multiple times how to clean the dirt from grout so that it looks as clean as new.

As generally said, grout is a magnet for filth, mould, and mildew because it is such a porous material and things attach to it so quickly. Especially in damp areas like your bathroom & kitchen. Dust and liquids become trapped inside of it and combine, creating muck and causing the grout to lose its original colour.

Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

The primary reason to bother cleaning grout is for hygienic reasons. That little gap in between floor tiles, not to add the number of germs that dwell on the shower tiles, is the one spot in your house that attracts bacteria like crazy. This area is warm and humid, and if it isn’t clean on time poisonous black mould can grow there. This mould can make us sick. If you are planning to clean it don’t forget to wear gloves before cleaning it.

However, the main danger emerges if you inhale black mould spores after they have been in the air for a while since prolonged exposure to black mould can lead to respiratory problems.

Being safe is preferable to being sorry. Keep scrolling for an ultimate guide on how to clean floor grout without scrubbing.

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Natural floor grout cleaner

There are several ways to clean the grout between tiles, but it should go without saying that a lot of them primarily consist of harmful chemicals. For individuals who don’t want to continue damaging the environment with very dangerous items, there are still natural alternatives available. Chemicals are effective, however, eco-friendly alternatives are more effective:


People Lemons use to produce lemonade as well as a fantastic cleanser that also smells nice. Citric acid, which is abundant in this fruit and works well. When it is mixed with other ingredients like vinegar & baking soda, it eats away tough stains and aids in restoring the white colour of grout.

Baking soda

It is one of the most efficient green cleaning agents available since it can be used to clean almost everything. It aids in tough spots from your porcelain throne as well as caked-on crud from grout and inhibits bacterial development.

Hydrogen peroxide

There are many advantages of hydrogen peroxide than merely treating cuts. It is a secure, all-natural cleaning solution that is both fungi- and bacteria-resistant without being too acidic. Thus, it won’t be as harsh as other materials, which is great because it still manages to remove the grime from in between your tiles.

However, if your tiles are made with natural stones like travertine, slate, or marble, you need to exercise caution. Even if all of these organic substances are fantastic for washing the grout on your floors & in your bathroom. Some stones get adversely affected by strong or acidic chemicals like vinegar or lemon juice. It can permanently discolour or even eat away at particular kinds of tiles. Baking soda is the solution to such problems. It is also used as a wall cleaning solution.

Important: Avoid mixing hydrogen peroxide and vinegar since the result is peracetic acid, a caustic acid that can damage your skin and emit hazardous odours. Use one ingredient after the other on a surface. if you want to stay safe while cleaning, never combine them in the same pot or bottle.


A real eco-friendly cleaning kit must contain vinegar; otherwise, it is not truly eco-friendly. Due to its outstanding abilities to penetrate surfaces and remove filth, which is precisely what we need for cleaning grout, this natural acid is a multi-purpose solution that will always rank at the top of the list of the finest natural cleaners.

Sodium percarbonate

If you’re not familiar with the name of this substance, “OxiClean” will probably cause your mind to flash back to it: sodium percarbonate. Sodium percarbonate, a relative of sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is the main ingredient. This is a well-known cleaner and whitener.

When sodium percarbonate is combined with water, it degrades and produces elemental oxygen, which attaches to any kind of dirt present in your grout and kills bacteria, molds, and mildew. It’s one of my favourite eco-cleaners for cleaning grout, so keep an eye on it!

How To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

You can easily clean the grout on your floor or any other surface without washing by first removing the dust and debris that have gathered on the tiles using a mop or, preferably, a vacuum cleaner. As much waste as we can remove initially will help to lessen the amount of dirt that often results when cleaning grout.

After removing the dust, wash the area with hot water and a lint-free mop to soften the filth before applying the primary cleaning solution.

Use this method if you just want a grease cutter plus, add a sprinkle of eco-friendly liquid dish soap to this combination, which is mostly made of baking soda & hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget to wear gloves before cleaning.

  • Add 1/4 cup of peroxide and 1/2 cup of baking soda to a small bowl.
  • Combine all ingredients and make a paste.
  • mix tbsp of liquid dishwasher soap
  • Put some of the mixtures on your grout and let it for five to ten minutes.
  • With a cloth or sponge, remove the mixture, and then thoroughly wet the area.
  • Let it dry without disturbing it.

The reactions between the ingredients and the soil are what make this concoction so powerful. Hydrogen peroxide is essentially a natural substitute for bleach that will clean & brighten almost any surface. Whereas dish soap simply cuts through any form of grease or slime that could be stuck between the tiles. Baking soda travels the porous surface of something like the grout without being overly rough and helps remove tough stains. The ideal mixture!

Note: Always do a small test area before applying any of the combinations. See how the tiles and grout respond by applying the combinations in concealed sections of your floor or shower. Keep waiting a few minutes. Do not use the mix if you see any tile discolouration. Immediately call the professional in case of any fresh stain in the grout, or any loose tiles. Be on the alert for any unfavourable changes since, as some natural tiles even some very old grout don’t deal well with certain substances, especially if they are acidic.

Tips to keep grout clean

  • Walk-off rugs or mats should be placed on the inside and outside of your home’s door.
  • Put your shoes on before entering the tiled part of your home.
  • Before letting your pet in, clean their muddy paws with a towel.
  • About once every three showers, apply some hydrogen peroxide to the grout. Thus, mould won’t develop.
  • To assist the tile and grout in properly drying between usage, keep the shower window and stall open.
  • As a last but by no means least step, clean the floors & the shower on a regular basis (once per week). Leaky faucets, showerheads, and grout lines should all be sealed as part of routine maintenance.

How to remove shower grout without scrubbing?

Don’t worry, mold can grow even in the cleanest, whitest, nicest of bathrooms, and might seem hard to eradicate.

The simplest way to clean shower grout without scrubbing is a little more a diluted mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

To eliminate dirt, mould, and scum residue more rapidly. There is one more useful tip you can try before spraying the mixture. Turn the hot water on for about 3 minutes to build up steam. Oh, and use some buckets to collect the water! Don’t forget to wear gloves before cleaning. Save that natural resource; you may use it later to wash your car or water your plants. Let’s look at the formula now:

  • In a container, combine 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of baking soda.
  • Completely combine the components.
  • Apply the solution between the tiles of your shower, then wait 10 minutes.
  • Remove the mixture by wiping it, then wash the area with water.

Note: wait till it is entirely dry before jumping in the shower.

How to remove shower grout without scrubbing
How to remove shower grout without scrubbing

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