Homemade Hair Mask For Hair Growth And Thickness

Homemade Hair Mask For Hair Growth And Thickness are always in need. Hair problems can range widely from breakage to dryness, and flakes to frizz. Indoor heat, different seasons, heated hair tools, or outdoor conditions can all trigger these changes. Homemade hair masks are made with common household ingredients. You can make such hair masks at home and can get most of the ingredients from your kitchen very easily.

Homemade Hair Mask For Hair Growth And Thickness

Homemade Hair Mask
Homemade Hair Mask

There are several homemade hair treatments and home remedies for hair growth & thickness that might help you in growing longer, healthier and silky hair. However, when it comes to growing strong and silky the listed below are the most effective hair remedies. These homemade remedies will definitely improve your scalp and strands. Let’s have a look at what hair mask gives us the desired result and how to make a homemade hair mask for hair growth and thickness at home.

Homemade Hair Mask For Hair Growth
Homemade Hair Mask For Hair Growth

Gram flour mask for hair

For making a paste, combine 100gm gramme flour and 1/2 cup yoghurt. Apply it to your roots & strands and allow it for half an hour or until it dries. When the mask is dried, simply rinse it off with tepid water to avoid hair loss. Gram flour is a chemical-free product that is good for nourishing your hair and preventing hair loss. It’s also an excellent hair cleanser!

Sunshine tips: Use any 2 tbsp hair oil in yoghurt and gram flour paste for more shiny, soft and dandruff-free hairs at home.

Castor oil hair mask

It is used to cure dry scalp & dandruff. A famous stylist suggested this mask because castor oil is high in fatty acids that hydrate and has antibacterial characteristics that make it an effective treatment for dry scalp with dandruff.

Take 1 teaspoon of castor oil in a small bowl. Microwave it for 10 seconds. It should be warm, not heated. Gently massage the castor oil over your head and throughout the hair strands with your fingertips. Keep on for 15 min, then rinse well and shampoo.

Banana and avocado hair mask

It can be used to fix dry, damaged hair. According to an expert hairdresser, this mask is a deep conditioning treatment that includes nutrient-rich elements to infuse protein back into the hair, resulting in it looking exceptionally glossy and healthy.

Take 2 tbsp of banana & 2 teaspoons of avocado. Mash the banana & avocado together with a fork until smooth. To fully soak each part of the hair, apply the paste from the roots to the ends. Allow for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Hair mask with Aloe vera and olive oil

Aloe Vera promotes hair development and gives your hair the shine you’ve been waiting for! It contains proteolytic enzymes that promote hair growth.

Take 2 tbsp olive oil and combine it with some aloe vera gel. Allow it to sit for 30 mins before rinsing with cool water for the best result.

So, give this hair mask a try and get ready to embrace your inner Princess!

Honey with coconut oil hair mask For Hair Growth And Thickness

It can be used to cure dry, damaged and rough hair. According to an expert hair stylist, this easy treatment will make frizzy and split ends silky, glossy, and smooth.

Take 1 tablespoon of pure unrefined coconut oil & 1 tablespoon of natural honey

In a small mixing bowl, blend all of the ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Massage wet or dry hair, paying special attention to the ends, as this is where the greatest damage is likely to occur. Allow resting for around 30 minutes before rinsing and shampooing as usual.

Note: If you are suffering from hair loss and desperately looking for expert advice for quick hair growth then you must know the causes of hair loss before direct jumping into how to stop hair loss.

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