China’s epidemic has turned red in many places

China’s epidemic has turned red in many places, and model student Shanghai has made a big loophole. China’s new crown virus epidemic once again turned on the red light. On Saturday, more than 1,500 new cases were reported nationwide. Shanghai, a model city of anti-epidemic, failed to prevent and control the epidemic, and there was a sudden cluster infection. More than 80 cases of infection were found in one day.

China’s epidemic has turned red in many places

China’s National Health Commission said on Saturday (March 12) that there were 588 new cases nationwide, including 112 imported cases and 476 local cases, mainly in Shandong (159) and Jilin (134). cases), Tianjin (35 cases), Guangdong (33 cases), Shaanxi (30 cases), Zhejiang (23 cases), Jiangsu (20 cases), Shanghai (5 cases) and other 16 provinces and cities across the country.

On top of that, China’s National Health Commission said asymptomatic cases rose by 1,173, surpassing more than 800 the day before. China has insisted that asymptomatic cases should not be counted among new infections. If confirmed cases and asymptomatic cases are added together, the number of new cases in China on Friday was as high as 1,761. This is the largest single-day increase in cases in more than a year since China basically brought the first wave of the epidemic under control in mid-2020.

Nonetheless, China’s numbers are much smaller than most countries in the world, but the momentum of the rapid increase in numbers constitutes a new setback for insisting on the “dynamic zero” prevention and control policy, making Beijing realize that zero The three major moves—closing the city, isolating, and testing all staff are not enough to deal with the highly contagious variant of the Omikron virus.

The most surprising thing is the sudden change of the Shanghai epidemic. In the past 24 hours, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported five new local cases and 78 asymptomatic infections. For Shanghai, which has achieved remarkable results in “precise epidemic prevention”, this is tantamount to a serious failure of prevention and control.

In the more than two years since the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, China in early 2020, Shanghai has always been different from other provinces and cities in mainland China. There are only more than 400 confirmed cases in Shanghai. However, in the last month, Shanghai has confirmed 300 cases of infection.

The Shanghai authorities announced on Friday that there is a clear epidemiological connection between the recent outbreaks in many places in Shanghai. The virus gene sequencing shows a high degree of homology. The source of infection is focused on: the virus carried by imported cases from abroad contaminates the environment, and the local government is caused by omissions in management. Infect and cause transmission.

According to the South China Morning Post, the “management omission” described by the Shanghai Health and Health Commission occurred at the Shanghai Huating Hotel, a designated quarantine hotel. Foreign travelers arriving in Shanghai are taken to this hotel for quarantine after entry. However, the Shanghai government did not provide details of the hotel’s “oversights” in management.

The South China Morning Post said Shanghai authorities had imposed large-scale testing and lockdowns in some areas, with primary and secondary schools teaching online.

Jilin province, which is currently the worst-hit province in China, had 134 confirmed cases on Saturday, including 66 in Jilin and 63 in Changchun. Jilin City implemented the closure from March 7, and Changchun closed the city on March 11. Changchun’s 9 million residents began to conduct all-staff accounting tests on Friday. Residents were banned from staying at home, government officials were working from home, enterprises and institutions were suspended, various public transportation was suspended, and the city entered closed management.

The city of Yucheng in Shandong has also been closed recently. City authorities imposed a lockdown on 500,000 residents after a confirmed case was detected. The local government said that traceability, comprehensive investigation and testing of all staff will be launched immediately.

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