Bipartisan calls in U.S. Congress to ban Russian oil imports grow

Bipartisan calls in U.S. Congress to ban Russian oil imports grow. On Monday (March 7), U.S. lawmakers stepped up calls for a ban on imports of Russian oil in retaliation for Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. That would cut off a major source of income for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Bipartisan calls in U.S. Congress to ban Russian oil imports grow

“How could we possibly import Russian oil and gas and send the profits from those deals to Vladimir Putin to pay for his war machine,” Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said Monday in the Senate chamber. ?”

Durbin and 11 other senators on Thursday introduced a bipartisan bill that would temporarily import Russian oil and suspend U.S.-Russian trade relations.

If the bill passes, the result, he said, would be “the possibility that the international community, including the U.S., will pay more to fuel cars and heat homes. We have to prepare for that reality. But this is The price paid today in defense of liberty and democracy. Ukrainians are paying with their lives, and we may end up paying just a little more on gas.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday The letter to all colleagues told lawmakers that the House of Representatives is working on a House version of the bill to ban Russian oil imports.

Energy prices in the United States are already rising because of the invasion. The concern among lawmakers is that such bans could add to the inflationary burden on Americans.

“America doesn’t have to choose between our democratic values ​​and our economic interests,” Pelosi said. “The Administration and Congress remain focused on their efforts to reduce the rising energy costs of Putin’s invasion for American families and our partners.”

The bipartisan House bill, introduced by Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna and Republican Rep. Nancy Mace, would permanently ban Russian oil from entering the United States.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is reportedly in talks with EU allies to coordinate a ban on imports of Russian oil and gas. Europe is more dependent on Russian oil imports than the United States. The White House said Monday that there were “active discussions” about the ban, but it could be politically difficult for Biden at home.

While there is widespread bipartisan support for a ban on Russian oil imports on Capitol Hill, some Republican senators have called for the opportunity to end U.S. reliance on foreign oil and open up drilling within the U.S. to slow rising costs.

“Why are we importing Russian oil and sending Russia $40 to $50 million a day? It makes no sense,” Republican Senator Rob Portman said Monday in the Senate chamber. But please choose our natural resources here in North America. We have natural resources here. We should not depend on Russian oil. We should not give them this bloody money.”

Many Republicans have called on Biden to allow the restoration of Cornerstone XL (Keystone XL) pipeline construction. The Canada-U.S. oil pipeline system was shut down over environmental concerns.

“We are so lucky to live in a resource-rich country, and we have no reason to depend on others, let alone a power-hungry dictator,” said Senator John Cornyn, a Republican who represents the energy-heavy state of Texas. to meet basic energy needs. Putin’s aggression has ignited a fire at the feet of the United States and our allies. We need to take concrete steps to end our dependence on foreign oil while continuing to pursue our energy independence, ensuring Our friends and allies around the world have access to more than one choice for their energy needs.”

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average price of gasoline in the United States has exceeded four dollars a gallon.

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