Advanced Ways To Mute Words on Twitter

Advanced Ways To Mute Words on Twitter. You can come across information in Tweets that you don’t want to see. You can choose to mute Tweets that include a specific word, phrase, username, emoji, or hashtag. These Tweets will be removed from your Notification tab, push notices, Text, email reminders, Home timeline, and replies to Tweets if you mute them.

Advanced Features To Mute Words on Twitter

Words and hashtags can only be muted in your notifications and on your Home timeline. You’ll still be able to find these Tweets if you use the search function. All interactions on such answers and mentions, including likes, Retweets, subsequent replies, and Quote Tweet, receive an alert for muted keywords and hashtags.

How To Mute Words on Twitter?

You could have chosen to receive mobile messages when a Twitter profile you follow tweets. If this is the case, muting words and hashtags will have no effect on these messages. Even if their Tweet(s) contain a word or hashtag you have muted, you will still get such smartphone notifications from these accounts.

How to block specific terms on Twitter from iPhone?

It’s actually quite simple if you’re using an iPhone. Simply hold your finger on the word you want to banish and select mute from the menu that appears. You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose where you want to mute the word (your notifications or your timeline), who you want to mute the word from (people you follow or users in general), or for how much time you want.

How to block specific terms on Twitter from android?

Muting things on Twitter is a little more challenging for Android users or those who use the iOS app: Choose your icon in the upper left corner of the app, then’settings and privacy,’ ‘privacy and safety,”mute and block,’ and finally’muted words.’ Then, by pressing the plus sign, you can add so many more taboo phrases as you like.

To silence a conversation on or in the Twitter for Android or Ios app, follow these steps:

  • To mute a Twitter post or a comment in a discussion, go to the Tweets detail of the Tweet you want to mute.
  • More can be accessed by clicking or tapping the icon.
  • Mute this discussion by clicking or tapping it.
  • To confirm, click or tap.

Note: Find out more about muting ac.

How to block specific terms on Twitter from the laptop?

If you’re using Twitter on a computer, go to the left-hand menu, select more,’ then settings and privacy,’ then ‘privacy and safety,’ then mute and block.’ Then, in the upper right corner, click the + sign to find muted words’ in the right column. Just remember that once you’ve made your decisions on a computer, you must click save for them to take effect.

An overview of muting phrases, words, usernames, emoticons, and hashtags:

  1. The case doesn’t matter when it comes to muting. For instance, if you add “CATS” to your mute list, every mention of “cats” in your alerts will be muted.
  2. When muting, you can use punctuation within such a word or phrase. It is not required to use punctuation at the conclusion of phrases or words.
  3. When you mute a word, you silence both the word and its hashtag. If you mute “unicorn,” your notifications will be muted for both “unicorn” and “#unicorn.”
  4. You must put the @ symbol before the name to mute Tweet alerts, Tweets in the Home feed, or responses to Tweets that highlight a specific account. This will silence notifications for Tweets that reference that account, but not the account itself.
  5. Up to the maximum character count, words, phrases, usernames, emoticons, and hashtags can be muffled.
  6. Muting is possible in all languages supported by Twitter.
  7. The default time period for muting is Forever. For supported devices, details on how to alter the silent time duration are shown below.
  8. In your settings, you can see a list of your blocked words (and unmute them).
  9. Content that incorporates your muted terms and hashtags will not be suggested in recommendations sent to you through email or Twitter.

If you mute a term on Twitter, you also mute the hashtags associated with that word. Furthermore, because muting is case-insensitive, whether you type ‘succession’ or ‘SUCCESSION,’ any cites of it (even without space) will also be muted from your feed.

Words and hashtags can be edited or unmuted in the following ways.

  1. From the main navigation menu, select More, then Settings and Privacy.
  2. Choose Privacy and Safety from the drop-down menu, then Mute and Block.
  3. Select Muted words from the drop-down menu.
  4. To change or unmute a word or hashtag, click it.
  5. Click Save after making any changes to the Mute from or Extended mute time choices.
  6. Click the muted icon to unmute the words or hashtag.

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