70 Years of Luxury in Queen Elizabeth’s Closet

70 Years of Luxury in Queen Elizabeth’s Closet. On Saturday, a beaming Queen Elizabeth welcomed local community groups to her Sandringham residence in the East of England to kick off celebrations for the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the British monarchy.

70 Years of Luxury in Queen Elizabeth’s Closet

The platinum jubilee of the queen was celebrated on February 6, a first for a British monarch. Here’s a glance inside Queen Elizabeth’s regal wardrobe, courtesy of DW, which exudes nothing but beauty and delicacy.

Elizabeth married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, her childhood sweetheart, in 1947. She had to utilise clothes ration coupons to buy the materials for her wedding gown, which included satin, 10,000 pearls and crystals, as well as a four-meter-long train of lace, due to post-World War II austerity regulations. Until Prince Philip’s death in 2021, their marriage lasted 73 years.

The costumes worn by the English king are famous. A coat with a weighted hem — to avoid wardrobe malfunctions caused by the wind — and a perfectly matched cap. Her trademark black bag, which has enough storage for lipstick, reading glasses, mints, and a handkerchief, is frequently her go-to accessory.

She wears them in a variety of styles and colours, from whimsical with little flowers to austere and basic. But they were always perfectly coordinated with her clothing. The Queen is almost never seen without a crown. However, one of the world’s best-kept secrets is how many hat boxes she has in her closet.

Elizabeth Windsor served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the British Army’s women’s division, during World War II. She received mechanic training and learnt to drive a truck there. In April of 1945, this photograph was shot. But take note of the headpiece.

That was the name given to it in May 1965. The Queen was the most welcome foreign state visit to what was then West Germany. It had been 56 years since England had paid a state visit to the United States. In two wars, the Germans had inflicted immense misery on the English. Elizabeth II travelled across Germany for 11 days, delighting the Germans with her fashion selections.

The Queen is shown here shaking hands with members of the German national team before the 1996 European Championship final at Wembley Stadium, wearing the same colours as the football surface. She and Prince Philip (right) were among the 76,000 people who watched Germany beat the Czech Republic in extra time with a golden goal.

Tradition demands that the Queen wears her official attire when she addresses the British parliament at the opening of a new term. She customarily gives her address from the throne in full regalia, laying out the new government’s goals with her late husband, Prince Philip, who died in 2021.

Queen Elizabeth gave her first Christmas message as a widow in 2021. Prince Philip died in April, just a few months before his 100th and her 95th birthdays. She acknowledged how terrible Christmas can be when a loved one has passed away. “We have the chance to recall,” she remarked, “so Christmas will bring us joy this year.”

On February 6, the Queen celebrated her 70th year on the reign, which is a world record. But she didn’t want to go all out for the occasion. Instead, she chose to remember her father, who died on the same date in 1952, in silence. On the occasion of her 89th birthday, she was photographed in all white, travelling in an open carriage around London beside the late Prince Philip.

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